Such incidents bolster Iranian nation’s determination in fight against terrorism/Iran, Syria in the same bastion against terrorism

President Hassan Rouhani spoke with the President Bashar Assad of Syria and said that the Iranian nation’s resolve in fighting against terrorism will become stronger by such incidents.

Thu 08 - June 2017 - 16:09

In the phone call that was initiated by the Syrian part on Thursday, Dr Rouhani thanked President Assad’s condolences over Tehran terrorist attack and said: “The Iranian nation has resisted and fought against terrorism for many years”.

Mentioning that 17 thousand of Iranian people have been the victim of terrorism in the beginning of the revolution, he said: “Such terrorist attacks and terror and threats are not new to the Iranian nation and there is no doubt that such incidents will make the Iranian nation’s resolve in combatting terrorism firmer”.

Describing the terrorist attack as a cowardly and cheap act, Dr Rouhani said: “Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria are in the same bastion against terrorism and, surely, close and brotherly ties between the two nations will become stronger day by day”.

He also described firm resolve in fighting terrorism and establishing stability and security in the region as common goals of Iran and Syria and congratulated the Syrian nation and army’s continuous victories in fighting against terrorists.

The President also expressed hope that all Syrian forces that are allies and determined to fight terrorism achieve final victory in the near future.

He also expressed hope about the continuation of cease-fire in Syria, which has been the result of cooperation and coordination between Iran, Syria and Russia, and condemned the US fighter jets’ attack on Syrian forces as the blatant aggression against international laws.

“Such acts prove that the Americans’ claim of combatting terrorism is baseless and far from reality,” the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran continued.

Voicing the 12th administration’s resolve to back the Syrian nation in their fight against terrorism, he said: “The Iranian government and nation will stand by the Syrian people until the final victory is achieved”.

Dr Rouhani also expressed hope that all countries of the region cooperate until terrorism is fully eradicated and said: “The fact that today, some countries are seeking to sow discord in the region under the disguise of combatting terrorism is on the wrong path and an incorrect action”.

The President also congratulated the holy month of Ramadan to the Syrian people.

In the phone call, the President of Syria Bashar Assad also expressed condolences of the Syrian nation and government to the Iranian nation and government adding: “Syria strongly condemns the terrorist attack”.

He also described Iran as a friend and brother country with firm resolve to fight terrorism, adding: “The terrorist attack in Tehran proves that the enemies are acting against Iran because it is an independent country, making decisions based on its own people’s interests”.

This attack, Assad said, “is also the sign of the enemies’ weakness towards Iran”. He continued: “Terrorist attacks are condemned, not just in Iran but also in any part of the world”.

He also described the recent elections in Iran as something that has made the enemies more angry, adding: “Without a doubt, the Iranian nation will not be affected by these acts and will stand against terrorism and violence stronger than before”.

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