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President in an iftar ceremony with MPs:

We must try hard to meet people’s wishes/People responded well to enemies with their high turnout/Everyone must help solve country’s problems together/Politics must be moved away from economy, clearing way for economy to become main goal

President Rouhani referred to people’s high turnout in the recent presidential election and said: “People did not give us unconditional votes. They voted on the condition that the administration, president and representatives of the Majlis attempt to meet their demands and wishes”.

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Tue 06 - June 2017 - 23:28

“People’s spirited attendance in election thwarted attempts by enemies who wanted to put more pressure on the country,” said President Rouhani on Tuesday in an iftar ceremony with the representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

He added: “The US President came to the region, gathering heads of some countries, aiming primarily at putting the Iranian nation under pressure but in a historic and unexceptional situation, the people attended the election and responded well to the ill-willed”.

“I appreciate the Supreme Leader of the Revolution who guided and organised the election with tact, the people for their glorious presence in the election who had their say clearly and decently,” continued Dr Rouhani.

“If we treat people with kindness and show sacrifice to them, they will respond well to the path of the revolution and the Islamic system,” said the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He also thanked the Speaker of the Majlis, Board of Directors and the representatives of the Majlis for their support and active presence in the election, adding: “This passion must be maintained. If the administration and the Majlis work together, the passion will be maintained”.

Stressing that it is the representatives of the Majlis who give more legitimacy to the cabinet with their votes to the proposed cabinet, he said: “From our perspective, Majlis is not merely a law-making reference and not even a law-making and supervisory reference; rather it has a very important role, and as the late Imam Khomeini (RA) said, Majlis is the essence of a great nation’s virtues”.

“In the process of elections, issues arise, some of them natural, others unnatural, but we must get over these issues and forget them, thinking about the future and our goals,” he continued.

President Rouhani also said: “The administration cannot achieve the high goals of the country without the help of the Majlis; basically, none of the three powers can achieve the goals without other pillars’ help and the Supreme Leader’s support and guidance”.

Dr Rouhani went on to say: “Politics must be moved away from economy, clearing way for economy to become the main goal in the country”.

Stressing that managing the economy must be handed over to people, the President also said that the private sector must be supported.

During the same ceremony, the Speaker of the Majlis, Dr Ali Larijani said: “The goal of all powers and authorities must be strengthening national economy”.

He continued: “Entrepreneurial way of thinking should be strengthened in young people and universities”.


news id: 99307

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