Great Iranian nation, Supreme Leader the true winners of election/People became proud by attending election/Self-sufficiency in wheat production, gasoline, petrol people's wishes that came true

President Rouhani met with the government family in a cordial iftar ceremony on Wednesday and said: “Ramadan month is very valuable for reinforcing patience and resistance and resisting against hardships”.

Wed 31 - May 2017 - 23:49

“Election is another divine test for our society with many political, social and international aspects and our nation became proud in the test,” he added.

Dr Rouhani also said: “The true winners of the important election are the great Iranian nation and the Supreme Leader”.

He continued: “We will have patience and resistance in the path of the mission we have chosen and fasting is a practice for patience that teaches us how to resist against hardships”.

Stating that the government members have done hard work in the four years' tenure, he said: “Enduring false accusations is very difficult but Ramadan month wants to teach us that if we stand against hardships, God will reward us”.

He also went on to appreciate the government officials and their families for their hard work, adding: “Self-sufficiency in wheat and its export, as well as self-sufficiency in gasoline and soon petrol, were people's wishes that came true in this administration”.

The President also mentioned the 8% economic growth, single-digit inflation rate, free trade with the world and oil production and export as other wishes that came true during the administration's term of office.

“Oil and condensates' export in this year's March and April has been 2.5bpd,” continued Dr Rouhani saying that the administration secured people's rights.

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