We must do something that nobody feels lonely/We all are children of Iran/Stressing gov’t plans to address deprived families’ problems

President Rouhani attended an iftar ceremony with the clients of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation and Iran Welfare Organisation on Monday and said: “If in the society everybody feels that we are the members of one family, the social problems and issues will be resolved”.

Mon 29 - May 2017 - 22:16

“In this country, all people are the children of Iran and we all must feel responsible towards aid agency clients and orphans,” the President added.

He also continued: “The optimum condition in our society is that we all feel close to each other, love each other and make sacrifices for each other’s welfare and life”.

Describing the philosophy behind the holy month of Ramadan as spreading kindness among people, Dr Rouhani said: “We must be kind to each other and stand together because donation and praying to the Almighty brings about pride in the world and the afterworld”.

“We must do something that nobody in this country feels lonely,” said the President adding: “The administration will be by the people like before and we believe that we can solve the problems and damages”.

Stressing the administration’s plans to address the problems of deprived families, he said: “In doing so, we must try to support the families that have no support”.

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