Serving people one of best prayers to God/Meeting you, hearing gov’t efforts an honour/Put people’s piety a top priority

“You have been raised in the seminary and follow the path of the Prophet’s family and we expect you to put people’s piety a top priority,” said Grand Ayatollah Shobeyri Zanjani in a meeting with President Rouhani.

Sat 27 - May 2017 - 03:02

Ayatollah Shobeyri Zanjani also said: “There are people both inside and outside the country who are trying to undermine people’s beliefs and we must be vigilant to prevent them from doing so”.
He also appreciated the 11th administration’s efforts and continued: “With regard to the fact that there are various opinions in Iran, managing the country is difficult and this heavy burden is on your shoulders but the fact that serving people is one of the best prayers to the Almighty should be paid attention to”.
Appreciating people’s attendance in the election, Grand Ayatollah Shobeyri Zanjani also congratulated Dr Rouhani on his re-election and said: “Meeting with you and hearing the administration’s efforts is an honour for me”.
During the meeting, the President described the 11th administration’s achievements and the 12th administration’s plans, saying: “People’s attendance in the latest election was very significant and a model not only for the countries of the region, but also for the whole world”.
“This high turnout is a source of pride for the people and the Islamic Republic of Iran, contributing to strengthening of stability and security of the system,” said President Rouhani.
He also thanked the seminaries and the maraji for supporting the administration, adding: “The administration will put all its effort on reducing poverty and increasing production and employment”.

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