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President at the gathering of presidential campaign managers:

Election time passed; let's unite to create a better future for Iran/National consensus untied nuclear knot; we need consensus for other key national issues/Unity the only way/Law, national interest must be base for our actions

President Rouhani called on all Iranians to join hands in attempt to create a more developed and more prosperous Iran, adding: “The election time has passed with all its ups and downs and now it is time to be united and unanimous to create a better future for our country”.

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Wed 24 - May 2017 - 22:00

Speaking at the ceremony late on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani saluted the presidential election campaign managers and said: “You made great attempts and carried heavy burdens to destination”.
Today, our young population are more watchful, said Rouhani adding: “In some speeches, a few people insulted others and I am happy that the participants did not react to the slogans”.
“Our Islamic and Iranian culture has led our people to get involved in important political and social issues with this courage, strength and accurate judgment,” the President continued.
Stressing that the recent election was a source of pride for the whole Iranian nation, the President said: “Today, the 80 million people of Iran will be proud of the 2017 election”.
He also went on to describe the Iranian nation as a great, sophisticated and respectful nation, saying: “I am sorry that about 4 million people did not have the chance to cast their ballots [because of time restraints]”.
“I am very happy that in this election, we no longer had the discussions we used to have in 2013, which was all about the nuclear issue and inflation,” Dr Rouhani continued.
On the other hand, it is very important to know how we passed through this road, said Rouhani, “Without a doubt, it was all about your support and presence that enabled us to pass through this way and I hope I can write about the hardships of reaching the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)”.
Stating that it was national consensus that untied the knot in the nuclear issue, he said: “We still need national consensus to resolve important issues and we should all join hands. Out of my 40-year experience before and after the revolution, I am saying that we have no way other than unity and solidarity”.
“Have no doubt that the 12th administration’s work will be based on meritocracy not ethnicity and gender,” President Rouhani said.
He added: “We are always grateful to the armed forces who have devoted themselves to our country and we will always need them”.
“Today, we have a new mission. Until the election, we had a mission but today we have a new mission; today is the day to attract people. Don’t think that 24 million votes is enough. Even if everybody would get a chance to vote, the turnout would be 28 million but it would not be enough either,” said Rouhani.
Dr Rouhani also said: “We need a jump. Our vast and great Iran is the heart of the region and the world. The first thing we do must be to attract others. Let’s attract everybody and respect them. We must respect the opposition and critiques”.
“We all love the Supreme Leader. The whole Iranian nation loves the Supreme Leader. The whole Iranian nation loves their leader, religion, and culture and they move forward with unity and solidarity,” continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

news id: 99203

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