Iran adheres to all its JCPOA commitments/We can make better conditions for region by deepening ties

President Rouhani had a telephone call with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron and referred to good and friendly relations between Iran and France, adding that relations must be deepened and developed.

Tue 23 - May 2017 - 00:12

During the phone call that was initiated by the French part, President Rouhani described the achievements of his last visit to Paris positive, adding: “Economic relations between Iran and France are developing well and we hope that with efforts from the side of both country’s officials, agreements be operationalised as soon as possible”.
Referring to France’s effective role in Iran-P5+1 negotiations that led to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Dr Rouhani said: “Unfortunately, in the implementation phase of the agreement, we witnessed failure by some countries in fulfilling their commitments and we expect that France and the European Union have a more active role in implementing the agreement”.
He also said that all negotiating parties should make use of the opportunities, stressing that banking and financial obstacles on the way of developing trade and economic relations between Iran and France must be removed.
“The Islamic Republic of Iran adheres to all of its commitments made in the JCPOA,” the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran continued.
Dr Rouhani also said that Iran welcomes French investors’ active role in Iran, adding: “Iran and France have long-standing cultural ties and we must help develop cultural, scientific, technological and academic relations between the two countries”.
The President also said that the two countries’ people’s relations were important and tourism should be developed by special visa regimes.
There is a need for us to collectively combat terrorism, said Rouhani adding: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to cooperate with other countries, including France in fighting terrorism and resolving the Syrian crisis at all levels”.
“Surely, we can make better conditions for the people of the region through deepening and developing cooperation and ties,” the President added.
He continued: “We must bring peace and stability back to the region and we hope that Europe does not believe in incorrect interpretations about the region that are being said by some countries”.
The President of France, Emmanuel Macron congratulated President Rouhani on his re-election as the new President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying that it was important to develop cooperation between the two countries.
Describing the JCPOA an important agreement contributing to regional and international security, he said: “We all must support this agreement to for economic development and promotion of ties with Iran”.
Macron continued: “Precise implementation of JCPOA is very important and can have effects on the future of international relations and cooperation”.
He also called for promotion of ties between the two countries in trade, economic, banking, cultural communication, tourism, scientific and academic fields.
Referring to Iran’s significant role in resolving the Syrian crisis and combatting terrorism in the region, the President of France said: “The whole world must be serious in fighting terrorism and establishing peace and stability in the region”.

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