12th gov't to be more efficient, less faulty/People's voices was heard well in election/This election not defeat for any faction, party/I ask people to consider themselves contributors to country's future in next 4 years

President Rouhani congratulated people's historic turnout in the recent presidential election and said: "The 12th administration will be more efficient with less mistakes than the previous one and we will listen to people's wants and wishes more carefully".

Sun 21 - May 2017 - 18:54

Speaking Sunday evening in a cabinet session, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran added: "The 12th administration will take firmer steps in the path of our country's development and perfection and if we all are united, we will certainly reach our ambitious goals".

Stating that no language and pen can truly explain people's presence, he said: "The Iranian nation proved in this election that they are extraordinarily responsible towards their country's future".

Dr Rouhani added: "People's 40-million votes in the election boxes was actually the box of national trust, social asset and international capital for the Iranian nation".

He also stressed that people's voice was heard well in the election, adding: "In this election, the voices of young people who wanted to make sure of better future for their country and the voices of girls and women who wanted equal chances for social activities, and the voices of all families who had concerns about their children's future, the voices of all ethnic and religious minorities who wanted to make sure that citizens' rights will be precisely implemented, and the voices of people who were sick of lies and accusations was heard".

"Of course, the votes of those who voted for other candidates does not mean they do not approve of the 11th administration's services because we know that our people have trust in the path they chose and did again and they want us to continue along this road with more effort," President Rouhani said.

He also said: "Without a doubt, this election did not mean defeat for any faction or party. It is possible that people from all walks of life have different shares in the amount of victories but this election was a victory for all".

Stressing that all people, factions and parties must join hand and help each other, he said: "We must join hands to act against enemies and those who are against us in the region and the world, sparing no effort in the path of our country's development".

"I ask people to not rely only on the ballot box and elections and consider themselves contributors to the country's future in the next four years," Dr Rouhani continued.

Referring to the Supreme Leader's guidance, he said: "The Supreme Leader's plans and the peace we have in our country because of his guidance, helped us hold a glorious election in which all those involved in the election process and supervisors carried out their duties well".

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