People’s vibrant turnout boosts national power, security/We must help the candidate who wins election with empathy, enthusiasm/ We hope results be finalised in first round with people’s massive turnout

President Rouhani casted his ballot at presidential and city council elections early on Friday at Hosseinieh Ershad in Tehran.

Fri 19 - May 2017 - 14:58

Speaking to reporters after casting his ballot, Dr Rouhani said: “We must fervently and empathetically help any candidate that will be elected to be able to carry out the heavy responsibility”.
“Today is a very blessed day for the people of Iran and the people actually have the right to choose the future of their country, doing this with their attendance and presence,” the President added.
Rouhani also said: “One of the results of the Islamic Republic system is national sovereignty and this sovereignty is proved by people’s presence and turnout in cities and villages, who stand in long lines to cast their ballots”.
He continued: “People always feel responsible and, by their turnout at the ballots, they choose their future, as well as their children’s”.
Describing each vote as a drop of Iran’s raging sea, he said: “We are moving towards year 1400, which means a new century and we must try to be completely ready for the new century”.
This election is very important for our country’s effectiveness in the region and the world and our children’s welfare, said Dr Rouhani adding: “Our country is managed based on the law and, unfortunately, the two problems that have always been there, are evading the law and ethics which we must help each other to resolve”.
“We hope that with people’s massive turnout, the first round of the election yields the final results,” the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran went on to say.
After casting his ballot, Dr Rouhani also visited the elections headquarters at the Ministry of Interior, and was briefed by the interior minister about the election processes.

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