Gov't acts in railway honourable/By the end of 11th gov't almost one railway a month will open/5 province centres to be linked to nationwide railway/People support system, Revolution

President Rouhani described the administration's efforts in fulfilling its promises and the measures taken in various fields, especially railways and modernisation of railways as something honourable, adding: "With God's favour, we will continue along the path that works best for the great Iranian nation, ancient culture and Islam".

Mon 08 - May 2017 - 11:40

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Hamedan-Tehran railway on Monday, the President said: "The 11th administration has been trying to make promises to the people that it can fulfil by the end of this administration".

"Making a lot of promises to the people and doing little is something that has made people sick and tired and results in the loss of public confidence in the authorities because they will feel that what the authorities promise them are not fulfilled in reality," Dr Rouhani added.

He continued: "In 2015, our oil incomes decreased to one-fourth of what it was before and therefore, we faced a big financial problem, reducing our speed in fulfilling some of our promises but we attempted to compensate that in 2016".

Stating that by the end of the 11th administration almost one railway per month will be opened nationwide, he said: "The official opening these railways have been postponed to after the election in order for some people not to be nervous that the administration is opening the projects before the election".

"Developing railway system is very important for our country's economy, people's health, and reducing air pollution, as well as the environment and transit," said Rouhani adding that since the beginning of the 11th administration's term of office, in almost every weekly meeting with the Supreme Leader, the topic of discussion had been railways.

The President also said: "The administration has carried out great measures in the field of transit through railways and by using these railways, we can witness a great development in the country".

"The Almighty has bestowed us a good country, kind people, dear Supreme Leader, as well as a desirable revolution and constitution," said Rouhani adding that the whole nation must be kind to each other.

Stating that the people support their political system and the Revolution, he said: "We must join hands for the development and prosperity of our country".

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