We mustn't let such incidents happen again/Gov't to mobilise all its facilities boost rescue process

President Rouhani met with miners and workers of Azadshahr at the coal mine explosion site and said that such incidents must be stopped.

Sun 07 - May 2017 - 14:43

Speaking with miners and workers on Sunday, the President said: "There is no difference between those who have been the victim of the incident and those who suffer from such incidents in Tehran and other cities".

"The administration has a lot of plans for safety in the mines and follows them with all its might and we must not let such incidents happen again," he continued.

President Rouhani also said: "Immediately after the mine incident happened, I made a telephone call with the Governor General and the respective officials, assigning them to address the issue and the victims".

Expressing condolences, he said: "Today, the whole Iranian nation sympathise with you and the administration will use all its might and facilities to rescue those trapped in the mine, and I hope they get rescued alive and healthy".

"The administration mobilised all its facilities for the rescue process and I appreciate all workers who have come here voluntarily from all over the country to help and support them," he continued.

Dr Rouhani added: "The reasons of this incident will be closely reviewed and the result will be announced to the people about who were responsible for it".

"Those responsible for the incident ad anyone who has had failure and negligence in carrying out their duty must be identified, and with regard to that fault, they face the consequences and there is no exception in this regard," he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said: "The administration will seriously follow your demands, trying hard to meet them and the respective ministers are tasked with identifying and addressing all the problems".

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