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President at the Convention of 'Teachers, Production and Knowledge-based Economy':

Our achievements, honours result of teachers' work/One mustn't gain votes from teachers' hardships/We must capture global markets step by step/We have been the administration of 100% of the people and will continue to be so

President Rouhani addressed the convention of 'Teachers, Production and Knowledge-based Economy' on Saturday and said: "The achievements and honours of our country are the result of our teachers' hard work".

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Sun 07 - May 2017 - 08:37

Dr Rouhani added: "One must not gain votes from teachers' hardships and it is regretful that some people are viewing teachers as tools".

Martyr Motahari taught us the path of education, service and sacrifice, said President Rouhani adding: "One must reach technology and knowledge-based and productive economy in the region and the world from school".

He continued: "Our youths and students lay the groundwork for scientific and technical growth and development of the country".

He also said that students and young entrepreneurs' work brings honour for Iran, adding: "Teachers are the origin of scientific honours".

Stating that it is regretful that some view the education system and teachers as tools, the President said: "When they say the administration's expenses must be reduced, this means that teachers' salary must be decreased".

"The 45% inflation was the offshoot of debts to the Central Bank," said Rouhani adding: "From the first day of this administration, we have insisted on financial discipline and we did not borrow anything from the Central Bank".

He went on to say: "Chanting slogans is easy but financing the projects is important", adding: "We are paying our wheat growers nearly double the money we are paying for foreign wheat".

Dr Rouhani continued: "We have paid our wheat growers nearly $4bn, which is 17 times more than year 2013".

Stating that agricultural products have increased to 118m tonnes from 97m tonnes, he said: "We now have the power to export 3m tonnes of wheat, whereas we were importing 6m tonnes in the past years".

"3000 knowledge-based and information technology companies were supported by the administration and 100,000 jobs were created," the President said.

He continued: "The 11th administration has increased financial assistance to knowledge-based companies by 8 times more than before".

"We have powerful armed and security forces and with the administration's equal view of all Iranians, our country is more secure that the past," the President said.

Dr Rouhani also said: "The flag of Islam and Iran must be the flag of peace for all ethnicities and religions".

Stating that all Iranian citizens' rights are equal, he said: "Teacher's view of their students must be balanced and equal".

Iran is eternal and the Iranian nation is everlasting, said Rouhani adding: "The president must be the guardian of all people's rights".

He also said that the people of Iran will create a memorable night on May 19 in determining their future for Iranian people's progress and freedom, the President said: "We don't want power to intimidate others, but rather we want power for friendship with our neighbours and the world".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say: "Our response to any enemy is decisive and integrated".

news id: 99054

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