This tragic incident caused great grief, sorrow/1st VP designated to help repair damages

President Rouhani sent a message of condolence over the death of AzadShahr mine workers and prayed for the injured.

Fri 05 - May 2017 - 16:14

President's message is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

"We are from Allah and to Him we shall return" (Holy Quran)

As only one day has passed since the ceremony of praising the those who have been working in production, the bitter incident, which led to AzadShahr mine workers' death and injury, caused great grief and sorrow for the whole Iranian nation.

I hereby offer my condolences to the bereaved families and the whole Iranian nation, especially the noble people of Golestan province, praying to the Almighty for the swift recovery of the injured.

The esteemed First Vice-President has been tasked with doing all actions necessary for alleviating the pains of the bereaved families and compensating for the death tolls and financial damages, in the first place a commission of Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, Minister of Labour, Cooperatives and Social Welfare have been sent to the area.

In this vein, the necessary orders have been given to the Ministry of Interior, the Governor General of Golestan province, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and other related organs, as well as the Red Crescent Society and it is necessary that all sectors and institutions promptly coordinate all the facilities available to facilitate aid delivery, especially in rescuing those trapped.

Hassan Rouhani

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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