Setareh Khalij-e Fars Gas Condensates Refinery the symbol of brotherhood, cooperation, interaction in Iran/We need to build Iran together/Jihadi management required for doing great things

President Rouhani described Setareh Khalij-e Fars Gas Condensates Refinery as the symbol of brotherhood, cooperation, and interaction in Iran and said: "One who puts effort on freedom, independence, republicanism, and Islamism of our political system is a supporter of the Revolution".

Sun 30 - April 2017 - 15:10

At the ceremony that was held on Sunday in Bandar Abbas, Dr Rouhani said: "The opening of this refinery is a very good and blessed day and, surely, among the most memorable days in our country's history".

"Whatever success we have in our country, be they during the Revolution or the Sacred Defence era, and the achievements we have in our lives, our identity, dignity and resistance, is because of relying on Imam Hussein (AS)," the President added.

He also congratulated the day of Persian Gulf and said: "Our border-residing people's resistance against the colonising powers is very valuable and a source of pride for us all".

Dr Rouhani went on to congratulate Guardian's Day and said: "The role of the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution in stabilising the Islamic Revolution during the first 3 years after the victory of the Revolution and after that, during the Sacred Defence era, was very prominent and important".

Referring to the Army of the Guardians' effective role in defending the people and the countries of the region against terrorism, he said: "Certainly, the Iranian nation, the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and the armed forces support the oppressed people in the region who are grappling with terrorism".

"If it were not for their devotion for protecting the holy shrines and the countries of the region, today were would face not only a few terrorist groups, but also with terrorist powers and governments," the President added.

Dr Rouhani also described the construction and opening of Setareh Khalij-e Fars Gas Condensates Refinery as a very significant and praiseworthy act and continued: "When Iranians can start and finish a great job, it is a source of pride for all".

On the importance of good interaction and cooperation, he said: "When we talk about constructive interaction, its meaning is not limited to interaction with the world, but rather it refers to carrying our projects inside the country".

The President also went on to attribute the achievements to unity in the country and said: "During the Sacred Defence era, whenever we stood by each other, we were able to achieve victory but whenever pride took over us and we distanced from each other and held back".

Stressing that jihad-based management is necessary for doing great things, he said: "Jihadi management means using all our might in different sectors and a management that only seeks using one potential will be unsuccessful".

Today, we are very happy that the government has been able to achieve self-sufficiency in petrol and gasoline as the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has called for, said Rouhani adding: "Today, we are exporting gasoline and in the field of petrol, we will reach self-sufficiency soon and will export it".

President Rouhani also referred to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and said that it was initiated by the government and yielded a result by the Supreme Leader's guidance and people's support, adding: "Today, we all must make the best use of this national atmosphere in the path of our country's development".

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