Self-sufficiency in oil products essential/With Khalije Fars Refinery we will begin path of self-sufficiency, exporting petrol

President Rouhani arrived in Bandar Abbas city, the centre of Hormozgan province late on Saturday and was welcomed by the Governor General and high-ranking local officials at Bandar Abbas International Airport.

Sun 30 - April 2017 - 08:29

Speaking to reporters at the airport, Dr Rouhani congratulated the birthday of Imam Hussein (AS) and said that the visit is aimed at meeting with the noble people of Hormozgan and opening Setareh Khalij-e Fars Condensates' Refinery.

He added: "With regard to the naming of the new year as the year of 'Resistance Economy: Production and Employment' by the Supreme Leader, self-sufficiency in oil products is essential".

"In oil and gas, we have achieved self-sufficiency and we are now an exporter of this product. In petrol, which was one of our long-standing wishes, we will begin the path of self-sufficiency with the opening of this refinery and its first phase, producing Euro4 petrol and we will become an exporter of this product in the future," the President continued.

He also said: "Thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities will be created for Iranian youths, and like the concurrent opening of 6 phases in South Pars, we will witness a historic day in the oil industry with the opening of this refinery as well".

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