Religious democracy a gift from the Prophet (PBUH)/Supreme Leader always bravely backs republicanism, Islamism, law/Iranian nation about to make new epic

"Religious democracy is a gift from Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)," said President Rouhani at the meeting of Iranian officials and the ambassadors of Islamic countries to Iran with the Supreme Leader.

Tue 25 - April 2017 - 16:37

At the meeting that was held on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani added: "We are awaiting a healthy, secure, just, and pervasive election full of hope and people's trust and with the Supreme Leader's brave support of republicanism, Islamism, and the law, inviting all of us to abide by the law".

Dr Rouhani also congratulated Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) First Revelation and referred to the society the Prophet was preaching in as full of violence and different kinds of discrimination saying: "The Prophet was appointed in such a society and he was kind, tolerant, gentle, good-natured, and soft-speaking".

"The first revelation was the efflorescence of all human talents, meaning the introduction of the rule of law, a ruling that was based on the law of sharia and justice, prudence and consultation with people," the President added.

He continued: "It was by envisioning the afterlife and understanding the origin and resurrection that he invited the mankind to humility and modesty".

Stating that the world of Islam needs to hear the message of the Prophet's First Revelation once again more than ever, the President said: "Unfortunately, the world of Islam is grappling with violence, terror, takfir, instability and insecurity, holding it back from progress".

"The great people and the Islamic Republic of Iran is about to make a new epic in these blessed days as we are approaching the 12th round of presidential elections and the 5th round of councils," he added.

Dr Rouhani continued: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is proud that all high-ranking officials and authorities are directly or indirectly elected by people's votes, achieving their legitimate authority".

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