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President addressing people in Qazvin:

We must choose the path of freedom, free university, market stability, constructive interaction with world again/Today the day of making big decisions, setting country’s future decades/Women must reach positions they deserve

President Rouhani addressed the bumper crowd of people in Qazvin province on Sunday and said: “We are ready to set another step in building our country. We must once again choose the path of freedom in the society, free universities, stability in the market, and constructive interaction with the world”.

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Mon 24 - April 2017 - 10:11

“In 2013, we were importing 9m tonnes of wheat but in 2016 we reached a place that we are now able to export 3m tonnes,” said Rouhani adding: “We took back our share of the oil market”.
“In the past 3.5 years, we have produced strategic weapons equal to 10 years before,” continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Our achievements are because of the people’s support and the Supreme Leader’s guidance, said the President adding: “After 6 decades, our non-oil exports surpassed imports”.
“In this government, we reached the first place in the world with regard to scientific growth,” the President said.
He added: “Today, our students and women are participating for Iran’s power and greatness. Our great women deserve to gain their place in their best positions”.
We must take steps in preserving citizens’ rights under the cover of the constitution and the Supreme Leader, continued the President adding: “Our nation does not deserve to go back to the times when Iran was in economic isolation”.

news id: 98923

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