Islamic Iran on its path to progress, advancement/We all must join in our country’s progress, national production, employment

“Today, our Islamic Iran is on the path to progress and advancement,” said President Rouhani on Sunday at the opening ceremony of economic and infrastructural projects in Qazvin.

Sun 23 - April 2017 - 19:40

“We must make the best use of the opportunities and potentials that we have in our country today,” the President added.
He continued: “In the post-JCPOA conditions, business has been easier and export is being done with much ease. Also, importing raw materials has been made easier and big ships can dock in our country’s ports”.
Referring to the sanctions on petrochemical industries when the 11th government started its term, he said: “In those days, our warehouses and even the yards of our petrochemical units were piled high with their products and we did not have any more place for producing new products”.
“But today, we have good conditions for production and export and we must make use of them and help each other,” the President continued.
He also said: “In coming days and opportunities, I will tell people some facts that I have not said before. I will say how some people are obstructing the way of Iran’s advancement and progress instead of helping the people”.
Dr Rouhani continued: “Today we opened projects in Qazvin province; projects that create more than 2,500 job opportunities for the youth and we all must be happy about our youths’ employment”.
“In the 11th government’s term, our production of petrochemicals has increased by 9 million tonnes, worth $5.5bn and today, there is a good momentum in non-oil exports and oil and gas production, as well as various industries and mining,” added the President.
He also said: “I hope that the third line of Tehran-Qazvin and Qazvin-Rasht railroad be finalised and put to operation by the end of this government’s tenure, following the start of construction of Rasht-Astara railroad, which will connect Iran to Russia, Caucasus, and Europe”.
On the government’s efforts in the field of water and modern irrigation systems, he said: “By the end of the 11th government’s tenure, 20,000 hectares of lands will be covered by modern irrigation systems”.
He went on to refer to the coming presidential election and said: “People’s presence at the polls is very important for announcing their will and wishes. People must announce their wishes to the authorities with both their words and votes”.
“What we have and achieved today, is because of people’s choice in 2013 and if people did not choose the path of constructive interaction with the world, today our oil production and export, petrochemical industries, industrial and mining production, and agriculture would have different conditions,” he added
President Rouhani also said: “We all must join hands and contribute to our country’s progress, national production, and employment”.

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