Everybody’s presence at the polls advised by Supreme Leader/We back freest way in debates for people to choose easier/Ayatollah Hashemi was most patient towards opposition/We began the way with people; we are midway, hard work ahead/We want constructive interaction to get people’s right, boost employment

President Rouhani described elections as a source of honour for Iran, friends’ happiness and enemies’ despair, stressing that people must be invited to participate, adding: “Everybody’s presence at the polls is advised by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution”.

Fri 21 - April 2017 - 09:10

“The experience of 2013 and 2016 elections proved that our destiny is in our own hands,” said President Rouhani on Thursday in a meeting with youths and distinguished figures of Fars province.
The President also said: “Decisive days are on the way and we must not forget that progress and development come with hardships and problems”.
People must be invited to participate in the elections, said Dr Rouhani, “Elections bring honour for Iran, friends’ happiness and enemies’ despair”.
He added: “I hope that the Election Campaign Headquarters reviews the experiences once more”.
Stressing that the opposition’s presence is fruitful, he said: “Everyone must speak and criticise without tongue tie. Criticising is good but lying is a great sin and against the Iranian culture”.
“If people did not support the government after the 2013 elections until today, we would have no achievements,” the President said.
Dr Rouhani also continued: “The Healthcare Reform Plan is one of the government’s good achievements and this path must continue”.
The whole Iranian nation are now covered by insurance, said Rouhani adding: “More than one fifth of the beds we now have in our hospitals have been added by the 11th government”.
He continued: “We must take the target markets under our own economy. We are, and have been, seeking constructive interaction with the world to preserve the Iranian nation’s rights”.
“Gas condensates that were wandering around on seas and we were paying rents for ships but today, we do not have such a thing,” Dr Rouhani continued.
The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran went on to say: “Fast growth and economic prosperity requires investment and technology”.
“We have been together since 2013 and we are midway through the path of making our causes happen,” continued the president.

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