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In president Rouhani’s presence;

400 projects open in Fars/10,611 job opportunities created

400 projects were opened in Fars province on Thursday in President Rouhani’s presence through videoconferencing.

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Thu 20 - April 2017 - 16:12

During the ceremony that was held in Shiraz, the centre of Fars province, Dr Rouhani said: “Today there is a new opening in people’s lives and people are feeling a better atmosphere in cultural fields”.
Stating that culture is being paid attention in the country, he expressed hope that the trend continues.
On agricultural projects, he said: “In the past months, we have witnessed hundreds of projects in the field of modern irrigation systems opened and put to operation and this is a very important and critical field for our country”.
“Our agriculture has had great achievements in various fields and drives our country along the path of self-sufficiency,” the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran added.
He also referred to the initiation of projects by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, adding: “In recent years, good steps have been taken in the field of road, rail and air transportation”.
“Until the end of the 11th government, 5 provinces will be connected to the rail network and good steps have been taken in modernising the fleet of airliners,” Dr Rouhani said.
“In the field of mine exploration, what has been done in the past 3.5 years, is twice the measures taken in years before the 11th government,” he continued.
He then referred to the opening of 50,000-capacity Pars Stadium in Shiraz and said: “One of the projects that was on the 11th government’s agenda from the first day was this stadium and today I am happy that the construction process of this stadium has finished”.
Mentioning the initiation of constructing a new sport complex for women, President Rouhani said: “The decision for constructing this sport complex and providing facilities and opportunities of women’s sport is very important”.
Referring to the opening of 3km of the metro line in Shiraz, he continued: “Today, development of metro is very important for saving people’s time, protecting the environment, and preventing air pollution”.
On medical projects in Fars province, he said: "Fortunately, good, important steps have been taken in the field of health, increasing the number of hospital beds and developing projects related to hospitals”.
“Based on the report by the Minister of Energy, 174 dams have been built in Iran so far and only in the 11th government, this is the 30th dam being put to operation and I hope that by the end of this government, the number rises to 35,” the President said.

news id: 98851

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