Lecturers' suggestions, criticisms valuable for gov't/IT prerequisite to scientific development/Youths must get prepared for interaction with tomorrow's tech/Universities developed qualitatively, quantitatively

President Rouhani addressed university chancellors, authorities and lecturers and said: "Lecturers are responsible to prepare students for managing major and key offices in the country, especially economic and cultural centres".

Tue 18 - April 2017 - 12:29

At the meeting that was held on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani also described information technology as the prerequisite to scientific development, adding: "We must not distance from technological developments and, instead of blocking access to them, the youth must become prepared for decent interaction with tomorrow's technologies".

Universities are the source of liveliness and great social movements, said the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran adding: "Universities must be student-oriented in essence".

Stressing the importance of human resources in the country's development and progress, he said: "Iran possesses great human support and talent and this talent can accelerate the development process of our country".

"Lecturers are responsible to prepare students for managing major and key offices in the country, especially economic and cultural centres," Dr Rouhani went on to say.

He also said: "Universities must concentrate on training students for the needed skills and special attention should be given to the youth's employment in the Year of Production and Employment".

He added: "We must not distance ourselves from technological developments and advancements".

Dr Rouhani then referred to the critical conditions of the world, adding: "The future's unpredictability can compromise people's peace in the world, therefore such conditions of instability and prevailing in the region further necessitates vigilance".

"Accurate prediction of the future is essential for planning and peace in the country," continued President Rouhani.

He also said: "South Pars' Phase 11 starting operation in this government's term of office proved that we can and we are proud of the capabilities and potentials we have in our country".

Production of petrochemicals have increased 9m tonnes with around $5.5bn foreign exchange incomes, Dr Rouhani added, saying: "In probing into the Plasco Building incident, it was proved that the university is the best and most reliable reference for preparing reports with national scopes".

Universities and students must be active in promoting citizens' rights, continued the President adding: "Make the authorities familiar with people's rights and familiarise people with defending their rights".

He then referred to the coming presidential election and said: "People come to the ballot box to express their views on various issues but some are saying that people need to concentrate on economic issues but we need to express all issues and the needs of the society as well".

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