Doubling oil production, maintaining Iran's share of global market a national honour/We are ahead of the world in scientific growth/Our religion, nation desire morality/Our people want peace and advancement

"Doubling oil production and maintaining Iran's share of the global market is a national honour," said President Rouhani at the opening ceremony of 6 phases of South Pars Gas Field.

Sun 16 - April 2017 - 14:21

Speaking at the opening ceremony on Sunday in Asaluyeh, Dr Rouhani said: "Today is the day of being proud of our industrial management and the Iranians' honour".

"Putting the biggest investment of the country in the field of energy is a source of honour for us," said Rouhani adding: "Managers, engineers and workers of the oil industry bring honour and respect for all of us".

Dr Rouhani also said: "The biggest aim of the Iranians is an advanced and pioneer Iran. We share a single law and a single proud and dear Iran".

On Iran's role as the corridor of the region, he said: "We will renovate the transportation and Iran will be the biggest corridor of the region".

In scientific growth, we are ahead of the whole world, added the President, saying: "The people of Bushehr province, as the hosts to South Pars, must have the biggest share of employment and other opportunities of the region".

"Overtaking neighbours in a shared field and increasing production by roughly 2.5 times more in South Pars is the realisation of the motto of 'We Can'," continued the President.

Dr Rouhani also said: "Our religion and nation desire morality and we need to respect each other and our great figures. Our people want peace and advancement; let us stand together like brothers".

"We have been -and are- thinking about self-sufficiency in wheat and gas and we succeeded in doing so," said Rouhani expressing hope that Iran will reach self-sufficiency in petrol production in the future.

He also said: "Developing the defence industry, reducing inflation rate to single-digit figures, and surpassing 8% growth are sources of pride and the indicator of the Iranian nation's power and capability".

Dr Rouhani added: "Preserving the Iranian nation's rights in negotiations with six world powers happened because of the people's support, the Supreme Leader's guidance and the power of our diplomats".

The healthcare system reform plan and health insurance for all Iranians is an honour for us, said the President, emphasising the importance of the healthcare system reform plan.

Today, the realisation of the policies of Resistive Economy happens in the oil industry, said the President, adding: "Doubling oil production and maintaining Iran's share of the global market is a national honour".

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