President orders Governor Generals of flood-ravaged provinces to accelerate aid, relief process/All facilities, including neighbouring provinces must be used to boost relief

President Rouhani had phone conversations with the Governor Generals of West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan and Ardebil provinces and was briefed about the relief process and measures taken to address the flood in the area.

Sat 15 - April 2017 - 21:21

He also ordered the Governor Generals to accelerate the relief process and use all facilities, including those of neighbouring provinces to boost the relief process.

The Governor Generals of the three provinces also reported on the processes and the measures taken in this regard.

Earlier today, President Rouhani ordered the formation of a commission to visit the flood-ravaged north-western provinces and monitor and supervise the relief process following flood in the area.

The commission is headed by the Minister of Energy, Hamid Chitchian and the delegation is tasked with visiting parts of West and East Azerbaijan and Ardebil provinces and prepare a report on the measures taken to tackle with the issues caused by the floods.

Dr Rouhani also emphasised that all required facilities be mobilised to deliver aid and relief to the flood-ravaged areas and people affected by it.

The other members of the commission are the deputy ministers of Interior, Health and Medical Education, and Red Crescent Society.

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