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President in a cordial meeting with Mazandaran youths and distinguished figures:

Backing production enterprises to continued more powerful/People's trust the biggest asset for gov't/Record opening of 6 phases of South Pars to happen next week/Historic election in year of Production and Employment to be promising for friends, fail enemies/Explaining realities to people our duty

"Historic election in the year of Production and Employment will give hope to our friends and disappoint our enemies," said President Rouhani in a cordial meeting with Mazandaran youths and distinguished figures on Tuesday.

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Tue 11 - April 2017 - 21:00

At the meeting that was held in Noshahr town in Mazandaran province, Dr Rouhani said: "The election is one day but decisive for our country's future".

Congratulating Imam Ali's birthday, the President said: "Imam Ali (AS) was the legend of virtue, lion of the battlefield and the man of moderation and justice".

"Ali (AS) guaranteed the future of Islam and the dignity of Muslims in very important and decisive moments," added the President.

He further mentioned the coming presidential election and said: "Our noble and great nation are capable of doing something that contributes to Islam and Iran's respect and pride".

"People will not forget Iran's distinguished cultural figures and those brave servants of the country," said President Rouhani adding: "If we stand together, we will be victorious in all regional stages".

He continued: "The most important thing in the coming presidential election is people's high turnout. People's high turnout in presidential and city council elections contribute to our country's greatness".

The President also added: "All the government is trying to do is to pave the way for people's support and hope in resolving the issues and problems of the country".

We need to narrow the gaps to be more successful, said Rouhani adding: "We promised not to do anything without experts' opinion".

"I promised people not to be opinionated and not to make overnight decisions," the President continued, adding: "The Central Bank gave loans to 24,000 production units last year".

He also said: "Our country's income was $10bn in year 1390 and $1bn in 1394; in such conditions we managed the country well".

We fulfilled our promises as far as we could and we could not, we did not hesitate to apologise, Dr Rouhani added. He said: "Producing petrochemical products in the 11th government increased 9.5m tonnes".

Referring to Iran's advancements in peaceful nuclear energy, he said: "In nuclear technology, we not only did not step back, but also opened 42 new big projects ".

Iran's heavy water was exported to the United States and Russia, he added, "The 11th government deposited around $40bn in the national development fund despite hard times".

news id: 98681

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