Terrorists are happy about US strike in Syria/Iran calls for forming commission to find out about chemical weapons in Syria/Americans invaded Syria cruelly, ignoring all int'l principles/Elections display national power/One cannot reach justice roof by lie ladder

President Rouhani slammed on the United States' missile strike on Syria and said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran calls for formation of a fact-finding commission to find out about how and through which border chemical weapons entered Syria", stressing that the commission must be formed of impartial countries without the presence of the US and other biased countries.

Sat 08 - April 2017 - 12:58

Speaking at the National Conference on Resistive Economy and Rural Development on Saturday, Dr Rouhani added: "Today, on the pretext that chemical weapons have been used in a part of Syria, of course it is not clear who has used it and of what kind it was, Syria is under missile attack".

"However, the United Nations has explicitly announced that it has carried out the required tests and investigations in Syria three years ago, collecting such weapons," the President said.

He continued: "Today, it must be clarified how and through which border these chemical weapons have reached Syria".

Americans think they are the world's police and judge, said Rouhani adding: "In the latest case, they themselves judged and acted, attacking an air base in Syria with missiles and killing a number of innocent Syrians. It must be clarified that why this act of aggression has happened towards an independent country".

He continued: "Those who have taken over US' affairs, once claimed they wanted to combat terrorism; however, today, Syria's terrorists are happy about US invasion in Syria and are celebrating it".

"If they were telling the truth, then why did they act against the Syrian army, which is fighting the terrorists, turning themselves to supporters of terrorism?" the President continued.

He also said: "These people did not ask for permission even from the UN and their own Congress, which we believe are flawed, and ignored all international principles and laws, attacking Syria with aggression, blatantly and outrageously".

"Such actions proved that we must be vigilant and united more than before and it is not clear what those who have come to office in the US today are looking for in the region. Therefore, we need to be ready for possible contingencies and various conditions vigilantly, with appropriate planning," the President added.

He went on to say: "Elections display Iran's national power and defamation and promoting despair among the people under the disguise of elections must be stopped in the society".

"I call on the Guardian Council, Ministry of Interior, governor generals, governors, district governor and all people to make their best for holding healthy, competitive elections," he added.

Stressing that the whole Iranian nation is after a healthy competition in the coming elections, Dr Rouhani said: "Those who run for the elections must speak about their plans and eligibilities".

Everyone must know that nobody can reach anywhere with lies, defamation and accusations, said the President, "One cannot reach the roof of justice by the ladder of lies".

He continued: "Today, everyone must follow the path of development and prosperity of our country and villages. If we reach our goal in agriculture, we can witness Resistive Economy, national production and employment in the country".

The President also said: "If we want to follow the path of Resistive Economy, we must start it from our villages".

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