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President in a meeting with Semnan youths and distinguished figures:

Today’s peace, security JCPOA achievement/JCPOA paved way for developing nuclear technology/Positive balance means new move towards developing country/No one has right to discourage people from going to the polls

President Rouhani described Iran’s current achievements as the result of hope and trust among people, adding: “It was trust in God, national power, integrity, and our country’s bright future, as well as trusting high-ranking authorities and between the government and the nation that brought such glory to our country”.

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Fri 07 - April 2017 - 09:52

Speaking in the meeting with Semnan youths and distinguished figures on Thursday, Dr Rouhani said: “Our country’s peace and security is the achievement of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)”.

“Without a doubt, to ensure national security, all people, armed forces and security forces have joined hands and made sacrifices for preserving and strengthening it,” he continued.

He added: “What the government has done in the past three years for the entire country, especially for deprived border areas is second to none in 10-12 years and looking at figures proves this fact”.

He also referred to infrastructural and construction projects opened in Semnan province today and said: “All of these achievements show that we can make great things happen in our country with each other’s help”.

Describing peace and security throughout the country as the government’s greatest achievement, saying: “The Government of Prudence and Hope made the most efforts in preserving security not only in the country, but also in the region”.

“Sunday is the National Day of Nuclear Technology and everybody will witness to what extent Iran’s nuclear technology has paved the way for our country’s nuclear activities and advancements,” the President continued saying.

Dr Rouhani went on to say: “Once stagnation had spread to all sectors and in year 1391, we were experiencing -6.8% economic growth but today, we have stopped the stagnation in all sectors, the only sector still grappling with stagnation being the housing sector”.

“Today, we are proud of the peace in the market, people’s lives, universities, and streets around the country,” the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran added.

He said: “Non-oil exports surpassing imports only happened in Dr Mohammad Mosaddeq’s government and since the 28 Mordad coup, our country has not witnessed such a great thing”.

Rouhani added: “The positive balance means a new move towards development of our country”.

“In a few weeks from now, Setareh Khalij Fars refinery will start operation and we will become self-sufficient in petrol and also export petrol,” he continued saying.

He also referred to the coming elections and said: “We all should know that elections are essential for the stability of the Islamic Republic of Iran and if there were no elections, we would not have a state with this much stability”.

“No one has the right to discourage people from going to the polls in the coming elections,” he continued.


news id: 98593

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