Oil incomes must be invested for Iran’s development/Semnan has a strategic position for industrialisation/Equipping agricultural lands with modern irrigation systems a great development/Development, national production, employment must become dominant discourse

President described ‘job-generating production’ as the important decision of the government in the current year and said: “The Resistive Economy headquarters is planning for boosting youth employment and the Plan and Budget Organisation has been activated more in this regard”.

Thu 06 - April 2017 - 15:18

Speaking at the opening ceremony of 19 infrastructural, construction and service projects in Semnan province on Thursday, Dr Rouhani also said: “This year we must create more than 700,000 jobs”.

He continued: “Last year, our non-oil exports were more than our imports like the year before and this is an honour for the 11th government”.

“Year 1394 was the first time after 63 years that non-oil exports surmounted imports and this was the trend in 1395; this means that we have implemented the policies of Resistive Economy,” he continued.

Development, national production and employment must become dominant discourse in our country to contribute to inclusive development: “Currently, people are extremely motivated to help further develop Semnan province”.

Mentioning that the current year is the year of production and employment, Dr Rouhani also said: “In the first session of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution in year 1396, cultural aspects of production and employment was extensively discussed to completely implement the Supreme Leader’s intentions”.

On employment rates, he said: “When last year’s summer is compared with the summer of the year before, 714,000 net jobs have been created and based on the figures comparing last year’s winter with the winter of the year before, 630,000 were created. This means a very high number of employment”.

Dr Rouhani continued: “But when compared to our needs, these figures are very low because the number of young people looking for jobs over the last year was 1.3m and the government was able to create 700,000 jobs and this is a great step”.

“The fact that the Supreme Leader stressed the importance of employment and production in the beginning of the current year, is a great opportunity for the government and entrepreneurs,” he added.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to refer to the opening of industrial units in Semnan and said: “By more efforts, we can generate jobs for the youth in our country and this year, we have got good opportunities ahead of us and therefore, everybody must become involved”.

He continued: “Attempting to create jobs is the Supreme Leader’s order and it is our duty to do this. Happiness of Iranian families depends on marriage, living and youth employment”.

“In the session of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, we decided that a great job has to be carried out in schools, high schools and universities in this field,” Rouhani said.

On the government’s achievements in developing transportation in the country, he said: “In the 11th government, great steps have been taken in the field of transportation, a considerable part of which has been in the field of railroads”.

“Opening the third railway between Garmsar and Tehran and continuing it to Semnan can be a fast and safe way for the people of this region and Tehran,” Dr Rouhani added.

He continued: “Decreasing the share of oil incomes in the budget is one of the main points of the Resistive Economy”.

He also referred to opening of industrial projects in Semnan province, including Farda Car Factory, adding: “Today, we witnessed that at least 150 young people of Semnan started working in the factory”.

Stating that Semnan province is one of the important provinces in the country, President Rouhani mentioned the significance of modern irrigation systems and said: “Today, greenhouse agriculture, especially for provinces that are short of water like Semnan, is very important”.

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