Year 1396 the year of increasing national production/Expressing satisfaction over official opening of Farda Car Factory by private sector investment, management

“This year, we need to make more efforts, especially in the field of production and employment, that was stressed by the Supreme Leader,” said President Rouhani after opening Farda Car Factory in Semnan province.

Thu 06 - April 2017 - 13:16

Expressing satisfaction over official opening of Farda Car Factory by private sector’s investment and management, Dr Rouhani said on Thursday: “Year 1396 is the year of increasing national production and we must increase national production in all fields”.

“I am very happy that this complex has been activated in a province that has never had car industry,” the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran went on to say.

He continued saying: “The advantage of Samand is that, as experts say, more than 90% of its parts are being produced inside the country and its design is domestic”.

 “We must involve the private sector in all fields,” said Rouhani, “the government must delegate parts of its activities to the private sector and help establish a healthy and free competition atmosphere in the country”.

He continued: “More than 90% of this complex’s personnel are local youths and when we were speaking to them, they were satisfied with their work”.

This process means we are on the way of sustainable production, said Rouhani adding: “Production is based on workforce and if they work wholeheartedly, the complex will progress and develop day by day”.

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