Probing into national incident by independent, scientific commission 1st time in Iran/In probing into national incidents, we must distance ourselves from politics/Report aimed to increase safety, preventing similar incidents

President Rouhani attended the meeting of the ‘Special Commission of National Inquiry into Plasco Building Incident’ and appreciated efforts by the commission, adding: “In probing into this incident, a great work was done and for the first time in our country, the executive organs and beneficiaries were not involved and the issue was investigated by an independent, impartial commission”.

Thu 06 - April 2017 - 09:28

Stressing that the report is not final and organs and institutions addressed in this report can give their response to complete it, Dr Rouhani said: “The Plasco incident has had an important message for us and what is important, is that for the first time in our country, the members of a faculty, academics and experts have been appointed to prepare a national report”.

He also said that preparing a national report on the Plasco building incident was in compliance with implementing the Charter on Citizens’ Rights, adding: “One of the principles of citizens’ rights in the Charter is people’s right to ask questions”.

“Social capital and preserving it is very important an if people believe that each and every respective and responsible organ has carried out its duty and responsibility correctly, our social capital increases and people’s will trust more on the whole state,” the President added.

Dr Rouhani also stressed that the media, especially IRIB, must inform and train people to increase safety and said: “We must learn from people’s feelings and emotions and attempt to correct flaws”.

 He also emphasised the importance of equipping and training firefighters more completely, saying: “Firefighters sacrificed themselves in the incident and did not hesitate in fulfilling their duties”.

Underscoring the importance of learning from incidents and carrying out preventive measures, he said: “This report and the final report of the commission, as stated in its formation order, must be provided to people clearly”.

“This report is aimed to increase safety and preventing similar incidents,” said Rouhani adding that that there is a need to pay special attention to the lessons learned from the Plasco incident.

“Preparing national and scientific reports about incidents must become a regular practice and the government is ready to submit a bill to the Majlis in this regard if needed,” Dr Rouhani went on to say.

Underlining that in probing into national incidents, we must distance ourselves from politics, the President said: “The government has applied no pressure on the special commission in the process of preparing the report and the commission has carried out its duties freely, considering scientific manners and morals”.

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