Gov't to continue following Resistive Economy policies more firmly/All state branches, people, media must help realise 'job-generating production'/Backing production, entrepreneurship must become public culture

President Rouhani described faster realisation of 'job-generating production' as depending on the involvement of all branches of the government, people and media, saying: "The discourse of supporting production, investment and entrepreneurship must become a public culture in our country".

Wed 05 - April 2017 - 08:20

Speaking at the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution in its first session in the new year, Dr Rouhani referred to the naming of the new year as the year of 'Resistive Economy; Production and Employment' and said: "Last year, the government had a lot of efforts in this regard and from the first day of the new year, the government has put it on its agenda, planning to continue following its policies more firmly".

The President also mentioned advancements in the field of oil and oil condensates, providing loans and funding working capital for 24,000 SMEs and other economic advancements in years 1394 and 1395, adding that these show that the government is on the right track following the policies of Resistive Economy.

There are only 6 countries in the world that are able to create over 600,000 jobs, said Rouhani adding: "Last year, 630,000 jobs were generated in our country, and with regard to the increasing trend of youths' needs for employment, which is about 1.2m people, we need a bigger jump in the field of production and employment".

Mentioning the goal of 8% growth in the outlook document, he said: "For the first time after year 1384, this goal was reached last year and, in the new year, the government has planned to realise this goal".

He then referred to the coming presidential election and said that the entire country must aim at maximising participation in the election, making it a fair, historic election which brings the country more honour and pride.

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