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President in a cordial meeting with Gilan youths and distinguished figures:

Eradicating unemployment possible by people’s resolve, cooperation/11th gov’t deposited $40bn to NDFI/Gov’t obeys Supreme Leader, stands by him/We won anywhere we were united

President Rouhani met with the youth and distinguished figures of Gilan province in Rasht and said that the government considers more production and employment as its main goals in the current year.

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Fri 31 - March 2017 - 11:55

In the meeting that was held on Thursday, Dr Rouhani said: “With each other’s help, we can do anything and resolve any problem”.

“Unemployment is a heavy burden on our shoulder and I told the Supreme Leader in the first meeting after I was elected that the most important issue ahead of the 11th government is not nuclear negotiations or politics, but rather youth employment,” Rouhani said.

He continued: “Each year, 1.2 million young workforces enter the market and in such conditions, if we can create 600,000 or 700,000 jobs, or at best 1 million jobs, we have not been able to meet this demand”.

Dr Rouhani also said: “The main base for government’s work has been the 100% implementation of plans and projects and we have never wanted to make promises that we cannot fulfil”.

On the decreasing trend of oil prices in years 1393 and 1394, he said: “All oil-producing countries experienced problems and even some of them lost the value of their national currency by 50% but the Islamic Republic of Iran was the only country that deposited roughly $40bn of its oil revenues in the National Development Fund”.

He then mentioned the government’s efforts in decreasing the inflation rate and added: “This does not mean that the problems have finished and we have no flaws but it means that we all have made efforts”.

Referring to elections, he said: “Elections are the right of people and a public duty and responsibility and the election days are a major test for all of us”.

If all of you go to the ballot box, it is you creating your country’s destiny, said Rouhani adding: “Our history has shown that whenever we were united, we have won”.

In the beginning of his speech, Dr Rouhani congratulated Nowruz to the Iranian nation and the people of Gilan, adding: “3.5 years ago, our people stood by each other with all hardships and ups and downs”.

He also said that the government has consulted many experts in the field of economy and decreasing inflation rate, adding: “The 11th government obeys the Supreme Leader and stands by him”.

“Six world powers attending the nuclear negotiations were monitoring people’s support of negotiators and the government moment by moment,” the president continued saying.

Stressing that Qazvin-Rasht project must be finalized soon, he said: “We are happy that 1700 hospital beds have been activated in the eleventh government and this figure shows that we can and if we stand with each other, everything is possible”.

news id: 98503

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