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President at the meeting of free trade and industrial zones:

Free trade-industrial zones must pay attention to production, employment/Free zones must be key export centres/Resolving employment issue a key concern for gov’t

President Rouhani referred to the naming of the new year as the year of “Resistive Economy; Production and Employment” and said: “Free trade-industrial zones must consider production and employment as the criterion and scale for their activities in the current year”.

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Fri 31 - March 2017 - 11:51

Speaking in Rasht city on Thursday, he described government’s efforts and measures in the field of free zones as a great honour and said: “The government’s efforts in the past 3.5 years has been in the correct path”.

“From the beginning of the 11th government’s term of office, we have sought to turn free zones from a centre for importing goods into important export centres and ultimately, a pilot for all significant plans of our country,” continued the President.

He also said: “To develop free trade-industrial zones in southern part of our country, shipping is the most important issue strategically”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran went on to say: “The mission of free zones is developing economic, political and trade diplomacy with neighbouring countries”.

Stating that investment in and out of the country, better scientific relations and attracting tourists are the most important characteristics of free zones, he said: “Internal integrity must increase in free zones and closer relations and unity among all religions must be formed in the zones”.

On Charter on Citizens’ Rights, he said: “The issue of citizens’ rights is a major step in implementing the constitution”.

Dr Rouhani went on to stress tourism as a very important way of creating jobs and added: “Resolving employment issues is the most important and key concern of the government of Prudence and Hope”.

He then referred to nuclear negotiations and the JCPOA, saying: “JCPOA is a historic incident in the country and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran could negotiate with 6 world powers, preserve its rights”.

“The best domestic experts thought that cancellation of resolutions was not possible but our key red line was this and we succeeded,” Rouhani said.

“Resolving the issue of PMD, which was the bedrock of sanctions and pressure, was a great national job”.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned the importance of paying attention to environmental issues in free zones, adding: “Paying attention to this issue is essential for economic and tourism development and sustainable development”.

news id: 98502

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