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President before leaving for Moscow:

Developing Iran-Russia ties beneficial to both nations, regional, int’l stability/Stressing tapping potentials, capabilities for deepening Tehran-Moscow ties/Iran, Russia have close views in regional, int’l issues, esp. combatting terrorism

President Rouhani referred to the potentials and capabilities for deepening Tehran-Moscow relations and said: “In current year, we will witness a good development in promoting ties between the two countries and positive developments in Tehran-Moscow interaction and cooperation”.

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Mon 27 - March 2017 - 17:47

Before leaving for Moscow on Monday, Dr Rouhani told reporters in Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport: “Ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation, as an important country in the region and Iran’s neighbour, has had great development in recent decades”.
“The first development was the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution that led to Iran being an independent country rather than being dependent on the United States that was naturally a source of concern for the former Soviet Union,” he continued.
Dr Rouhani added: “After the victory of the Islamic Revolution and after the end of the 8-year Sacred Defence era, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani’s visit to the former Soviet Union in year 1368 and signing agreements between the two countries was the second development in relations between the two countries”.
“The third important development in the two countries’ relations was the formation of the Russian Government that had a significant effect on bilateral and regional relations between the two countries,” Dr Rouhani added.
In recent years, we have entered the fourth level of Iran-Russia relations, he said, adding: “In recent years, relations and bilateral and international cooperation between the two countries has been closer and broader, the clear example of which is cooperation between the two countries in reaching and implementing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)”.
He continued: “Russia has contributed a lot to the implementation of the JCPOA, sending Iran’s heavy water overseas and delivering yellow cake to Iran and we will witness very good development in nuclear fields with Russia”.
“The two countries have very close views in significant regional issues such as terrorism and are completely aware of the fact that terrorism cannot function as a tool for positive political development in the region,” the president added.
He went on to say: “We also have common viewpoints about regional stability and we are against changing geographical borders in the region”.
On Syrian issues, Dr Rouhani said: “Iran and Russia have symbols in their relations and cooperation that must be maintained”.
“Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant and defence relations between the two countries that have been growing in recent years, are two of the symbols of cooperation between Iran and Russia and we need to try to turn transit as the third great symbol for cooperation,” he also said.
The President added: “We need to try to develop scientific and cultural ties between Iran and Russia as an excelling symbol of the new era of cooperation between the two countries”.
“Iran and Russia are both producers of oil and gas but in the meantime, they can have constructive relations in the field of production and energy instead of unhealthy competitions,” he added.
He went on to say: “Iran and Russia can have very constructive cooperation in Gas OPEC, as well as Russia’s investment in Iran’s oil and gas industry and Bandar Abbas thermal power plant and Bushehr’s second nuclear power plant”.
“On the other hand, exporting Iran’s industrial and food products to Russia has had good growth in the recent one and a half years”.
He added: “Iran and Russia are seeking to define multilateral cooperation with some countries of the Indian subcontinent”.
“Iran and Russia have had good relations and cooperation in tourism, as well as developing banking ties, especially after the implementation of JCPOA,” he added.
He continued: “Today, the world is experiencing new conditions; the U.S is facing new problems and relations with other countries has new conditions. In Europe, tougher conditions are anticipated”.

news id: 98396

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