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President at the opening ceremony of petrochemical complex and infrastructural projects:

Boosting production, attracting investment, creating jobs everybody’s duty/We all are Iran’s children/Increasing petrochemical production by 9.5m tonnes a national honour/All branches, institutions must contribute to production, employment

developing production, attracting investment, and creating jobs are everybody’s duty, said President Rouhani at the opening ceremony of petrochemical complex and infrastructural projects on Saturday in Sanandaj city.

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Sun 26 - March 2017 - 10:17

Seeing our youth employed is our best new-year gift, said the President, adding: “All branches and institutions must contribute to production and employment”.

“The whole Iranian nation becomes happy when it sees an industrial and production unit activate,” continued Dr Rouhani.

He went on to say: “We all are Iran’s children and different ethnic groups are the people of this land and have common lifestyles and traditions”.

He continued: “Increasing petrochemical production by 9.5m tonnes is a national honour”. Referring to the projects that started operation in Kordestan province, he said: “Opening such projects in different provinces shows that our country is on the path of development and progress”.

The year of production and employment must be the year of unity and help, the President added. He also said: “As waiting for prayer’s time is rewarded by God, waiting in the line of voting is like a prayer”.

He also mentioned the two coming elections in the country and said: “In these two great elections, we must do something to amaze the world”.

news id: 98373

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