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President while visiting 7 Tir Welfare and Rehabilitation Complex:

Employment the key issue, our goal/Required decisions for realising Supreme Leader’s points to be made in 1st session of Supreme Council of Employment

President Rouhani paid a visit to 7 Tir Welfare and Rehabilitation Complex in Tehran on Monday in the early hours of the new year and said: “Spring is the season of hope and gives all of us hope and liveliness, telling us that the era of cold is over and moderate weather will spread everywhere”.

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During the visit that took place on Monday, the President also said: “Fortunately, the Supreme Leader stressed employment and production in his new year message and as he and I emphasised, the issue of employment is the most important issue of our youths and our main goal”.
Dr Rouhani also said: “The required decisions for realising Supreme Leader’s points will be made in the first session of the Supreme Council of Employment”.
“Of course, in the last two years, we have had a relatively good employment rate, yet we are still behind the rate of workforce getting ready to enter the market every year,” he continued.
He also said: “I am confident that we will create more jobs for the youth and women of our country in year 1396. I am happy to announce that in the recent employment examination that we held, women were more successful”.
“Today we are at the service of our dear children; those who are suffering from physical conditions, but have a high spirit and very good talent,” the President also said.
He stressed: “We must prepare an atmosphere of growth and employment for all of those who have physical disabilities”.
Dr Rouhani also said: “We must help them realise their talents and put them to use; we must also prepare proper employment for them”.
“I urge all people to feel responsible for them and in people and NGOs must be involved in most of the issues, because I am sure that people can be more successful in doing this job,” the President continued.
He also said: “Year 1395 was a year in which we achieved success in production and development after many years”.
Dr Rouhani went on to say: “Today after 11 years, year 1935 was the first year that we achieved the goals of the document of outlook and our growth will be more than 8 per cent”.
“Year 1935 was a good year and we achieved a lot in different fields such as sport, art and science and these successes and victories made a very good year for us,” Dr Rouhani continued.
He added: “In the meantime, there were hardships and issues, most important of them being disasters, air pollution, dust in some provinces, especially in Khuzestan that cause a great deal of problems for the people. We lost a lot of artists, poets, actors, distinguished figures, clerics, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani and selfless firefighters”.
“All of these made bitter days but all in all, we must be grateful of the Almighty for what we achieved and for the help He bestowed us and I am sure that the coming years will be better,” the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran continued.

news id: 98294

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