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President pays a new-year visit to 7 Tir welfare, rehabilitation centre

President Rouhani paid a visit to 7 Tir Welfare and Rehabilitation Complex in Tehran on Monday in the early hours of the new year.

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Mon 20 - March 2017 - 18:07

In this visit that took place minutes after the turn of the year, President Rouhani greeted the disabled and the staff and wished a happy new year for them.
Dr Rouhani also visited the children covered by the centre and asked the Almighty for their health and prosperity.
He continued: “The message of spring for us is that we must set aside despair and that winter will come to an end, regardless of how hard and long it is”.
“Those who are suffering from physical conditions are definitely having hard days but what can help us in our lives is liveliness and relying on God,” he continued.
The President also said: “Your patience and liveliness, as well as artistic and cultural activities you are involved in, indicates that God has bestowed you the needed talent for carrying them out”.
“It is our duty to be beside you and all people are responsible to give you a hand. All fathers and mothers of the society must feel that they are your fathers and mothers too,” he continued.
Rouhani also appreciated the personnel for their efforts and services, adding: “God has given all of you the opportunity to serve the people and this effort is very valuable”.
The President also said that the government attempted to create a better living conditions for them.

news id: 98290

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