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President in a meeting with Hope Fraction of Majlis:

We will continue development path with regard to constitution, single leader, common causes/We witnessed advancement in national power elements such as defence, politics, economy, culture

Attempting to strengthen the state and religious democracy, as well as development and prosperity of our dear Iran is everybody's duty, said President Rouhani in a meeting with the members of Hope Fraction of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

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Mon 13 - March 2017 - 16:05

At the meeting that was held on Monday, Dr Rouhani said: "The 11th government has had significant achievements in fields of economy, politics, culture and defence and we are determined to continue the path of development within the framework of the constitution, a single leader and common causes".

Appreciating the 10th Majlis for its constructive cooperation and interaction with the government, the President also said: "Without a doubt, the current conditions of our country is better and more promising than the past and we must organise the affairs our country with more cooperation and patience".

Referring to the government's achievements in various fields such as economy and implementing the policies of Resistive Economy, he continued: "Resistive Economy means that our country must be more resilient against enemies' aggression".

He also mentioned low oil prices during the 11th government's tenure and said: "Despite the sharp decrease in oil prices, there was no turmoil in the market and people's lives were not affected by it. This means that our economy is resistive and that our country is resilient against outside pressures".

"Achieving a two-digit economic growth was something that not only our enemies, but also most of our friends inside the country did not believe would be possible, therefore, this is a great achievement," said Rouhani.

On the pace of scientific growth, he said: "Based on the latest figures, the momentum of our scientific growth puts us first in the group of 25 top countries".

He went on to refer to the government's efforts and achievements in agriculture and said that the government had bought a large amount of wheat from farmers with a high price.

"In the past 11 months, we have exported over 2.6m barrels of crude oil and gas condensates, while the figures show 1.3m barrels per day for last year," Dr Rouhani added.

In coming weeks, a number of important phases of South Pars Gas Field will be opened, said Rouhani, "Before the 11th government took office, only 10 phases of the field was operationalised, whereas in the 11th government, we managed to open phases more than all the governments before".

He continued: "With regard to our fleet of airliners, our country is in good conditions compared to the past. So far, two airliners have arrived our country and another will be entering by next month, and the rest will arrive by next year".

Stating that there is no gap between the government and the Hope Fraction with regard to goals and causes, the President continued: "Of course, it is possible that there would be different views about implementing the goals and causes and there must be more cooperation, consultation and unity".

"The government and the parliament can work together to create a lawful, safe and competitive environment for the coming election, far from any extremism," he continued.

news id: 98228

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