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President after Assembly of Experts session:

Detailed report on gov't performance in Resistive Economy to be published by year end/Assembly of Experts a key pillar of the I.R Iran/Our Iran is powerful; Resistive Economy to continue

President Rouhani stressed that the path of Resistive Economy will continue powerfully, and added: "The government will publish a detailed report on its performance in the field of Resistive Economy by the end of the current year".

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Tue 07 - March 2017 - 14:00

Speaking after the session of the Assembly of Experts on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani said: "The government will publish a detailed report by the end of the year, which explains what measures have been taken during the past three and a half years".

"For example, we announced in the beginning of the year that 7.5 thousand semi-active SMEs will be activated by loans, but today, we can tell the people that this 7.5 thousand has increased to 22,000 SMEs, which is a good opportunity for jobs," he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said: "Resistive Economy is definitely a source of power for the state and, as the Supreme Leader stressed, we need to show our power to let everyone know that our Iran is powerful".

Referring to the Assembly of Experts as a key pillar of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he continued: "Although the assembly is tasked with designating the Supreme Leader and it has successfully carried out its responsibilities in the past 28 years and that we hope that there is no need for such a choice for many years, the very fact that the Experts are always ready generates hope and trust among people".

Stating that the members of the Assembly of Experts are people's representatives, he said: "In these meetings, often the important issues of the country are discussed".

On false claims by some American officials that Iran's elections are not free, he said: "Elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran have a clear mechanism. People go to the ballot box to make their choice and when 70 to 73 per cent of the people vote in an election and they stand in long queues even after the polls close, it means that people have trust in the elections".

He also went on to refer to the Guardian Council and the voting mechanism, adding: "Elections in Iran are free, healthy, competitive and democratic. Those who do not believe in elections in Iran, need to look back at their latest election and the issues that had".

"The latest U.S election sparked objections from both sides and even the current president of the country casted doubt on the healthiness of the election before being elected. Therefore, Americans must take a closer look at their own elections and amend it," he continued.

news id: 98148

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