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President on Arbour Day and the start of Natural Resource Week:

Sustainable development depends on preserving environment/Preserving environment not ceremonial; our lives depend on it

President Rouhani called on every Iranian to preserve, protect and expand green spaces and stressed that happiness and livelihood depends of preserving the trees and keeping the environment healthy.

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Sun 05 - March 2017 - 10:45

Speaking on the occasion of Arbour Day and the start of Natural Resource Week on Sunday, Dr Rouhani planted a sampling and said: "It is essential that people get more involved in planting trees and expanding green spaces".

"Of course, Arbour Day does not mean that we plant a tree and pay attention to the environment just today, but also it means that we need to once more review our environment, jungles, and the vegetation and the way to preserve them," he continued.

He continued: "Today, our lives depends of the environment and the issue of the environment and protecting it is not a ceremonial and subsidiary issue anymore but rather if our environment faces a problem, our society's health and even its security faces dangers".

 Stressing the need to use new technologies to decrease the pressure on water resources, the earth and soil, he said: "We need to move on towards efficiency and improve the conditions of water, air, jungles, and ponds".

He also went on to emphasise that the 11th government has paid a lot of attention to the environment and added: "Today, the Ministry of Energy is stricter about using underground water resources and measures have been taken for restoring lagoons, lakes and ponds".

Calling on everybody to preserve the nature, he said: "I call on all artists, athletes, professors, writers and all those active in the cyberspace and social media to pay more attention to preserving the environment".

news id: 98090

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