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President in a meeting with Pakistani PM:

Iran-Pakistan friendship strategic/Iran ready to meet Pakistan’s energy demands/Our borders must be for brotherhood, fighting terrorists

President Rouhani described Iran-Pakistan friendship strategic and stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran attaches great weight to developing mutual relations and cooperation between the two countries.

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Wed 01 - March 2017 - 18:10

Iran and Pakistan have very good potentials for developing relations, said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday in Islamabad.

Stating that Iran is ready to meet Pakistan’s energy demands, Dr Rouhani said: “With the lift of sanctions, it is essential that the agreements made before, be put into action faster”.

He also referred to Chabahar Port and added: “Connection between Chabahar and Gwadar can help develop and complete bilateral and regional cooperation”.

On developing Makran coast, Rouhani said: “It can further cement relations between Iran and Pakistan and bring about better economic conditions and atmosphere for the two countries”.

Banking relations must be fostered to help develop commercial and economic ties, said the President adding: “The private sectors of the two countries should be encouraged to tap common potentials and capabilities. This way, achieving the goal of five billion-dollar annual trade will be faster”.

Developing cooperation and relations between Iran and Pakistan is demanded by both nations, Dr Rouhani added, saying that scientific, technological, and cultural relations should be promoted.

“Iran and Pakistan’s literary and cultural heritage has common roots and can be regarded as a base for better and closer relations,” Dr Rouhani added.

On the need to ensuring security in common borders, Rouhani also said: “Our borders must continue to be borders of brotherhood and friendship, not to let terrorist groups take advantage of them. In doing so, we are ready to cooperate more in fighting terrorism, which is a threat to all”.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr Rouhani appreciated Pakistan for hosting the ECO Summit and the country’s hospitality, saying: “I hope in Pakistan’s tenure, the Economic Cooperation Organisation witness more growth and prosperity”.

At the same meeting, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif said: “Your presence in this summit helped a lot for its success”.

He went on to condole Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani’s demise and described him a very good friend and an honest brother.

Stressing strengthened bonds between the two nations and countries, he said: “We should pay especial attention to developing inclusive cooperation and tapping all potentials”.

“Developing Chabahar Port will be a very good news for the Pakistani people and we believe that Chabahad and Gwadar are not competitors, but complementary to each other,” he added.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also welcomed Iran supplying power to Pakistan and said: “We deeply trust relations between the two countries and we underscore the need to develop ties and cooperation between Iran and Pakistan”.

news id: 98057

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