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President at the meeting of the Central Bank General Assembly members:

Financial discipline the most valuable action by Central Bank/Accurate monitoring of banks essential/Banking system info must be up-to-date, clear

President Rouhani attended the meeting of the members of the General Assembly of the Central Bank and said: "The Central Bank has a heavy burden on its shoulder, having the responsibility of managing financial and monetary activities of the country".

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Mon 27 - February 2017 - 20:38

At the meeting that was held on Monday, Dr Rouhani also said: "During the past three and a half years, the Central Bank has done great work, one of the most valuable of them being establishing financial discipline in our country".

"Once different economic sectors are confident about the decreasing trend of inflation, they can continue their activities and expand them with comfort," he continued.

The President also described reinforced monitoring systems and organising banking affairs and said: "We must take strong steps in monitoring banks and supervise them accurately, bravely and without any considerations".

Criticising lack of clarity in the banking system, he said: "Unfortunately in the past years with the growing number of private banks and some financial institutes, we have more obscurity and some great corruptions are happening under good disguises that must be confronted firmly".

 "We need to interact with the world for economic prosperity and if we cannot create a positive development in our banking systems, we will not achieve this aim," he continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also emphasised that the banking system information must be clear and up-to-date.

news id: 97990

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