Banks the source of economic prosperity/Gov’t backs monetary discipline in Central Bank/Gov’t follows Resistive Economy policies set by Supreme Leader/Central Bank’s efforts in reducing inflation, backing enterprises praiseworthy

President Rouhani described the policies of Resistive Economy set by the Supreme Leader as government’s guidelines for economy and said: “If our economy were not resistive, we would not be able to manage the crisis in oil prices, reducing inflation to single digit figures and positive growth”.

Mon 27 - February 2017 - 20:17

Speaking at a meeting with bankers and the Annual Meeting of the Central Bank on Monday, President Rouhani stated that the government supports the Central Bank and other banks with all its might, adding: “The result of all our actions must contribute to Iran’s greatness and people’s hope to future”.

The realisation of non-oil exports surpassing imports in year 1394 will continue, said the President adding: “The first step of this government was establishing sustainable stability in financial markets”.

He added: “Some experts did not believe that with JCPOA’s success, the SWIFT code would be opened”.

“The greatest achievement was restoring peace and stability to the market,” continued the President mentioning that economic growth, accompanying single-digit inflation rate has happened for the first time.

Dr Rouhani also said: “We are having a good economic growth by the end of the current year. We are happy that financing working capital of enterprises has increased by 43 per cent”.

He went on to say: “For having economic growth, deposit interests and loans must be balanced with regard to inflation rate, having economic prosperity in mind”.

The Central Bank must inform the people of investment risks in financial institutes, said the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Stating that the Central Bank’s efforts in reducing inflation and backing enterprises is praiseworthy, adding: “The government’s debt to the Central Bank and other banks has decreased. We all must help banks to encourage them help our economy”.

He also continued: “Our great achievement in OPEC and regaining our share of the market is indication of our oil industry’s power”.

“The world considers the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as Iran’s success and the Zionist Regime believes that we have played trick on the U.S,” Dr Rouhani said.

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