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President speaking at the 1st National Forum on Health:

Expanding insurance by 11m, measures taken in health gov't greatest honour/Forex reserves must help meet needs in the rainy day/If gov't didn't invest on Lake Urmia, it wouldn't stabilise/Don’t kill people's hope in their country's future, state

President Rouhani described expanding insurance by 11 million people and measures taken in the field of health the government's greatest source of pride and said: "To solve problems, we need to congregate and join hands".

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Sun 26 - February 2017 - 11:10

Speaking at the 1st National Forum on Health on Sunday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani said: "We rely on God and trust Him and people's support; we will continue along the path of the country's development with all our might".

Describing health as a very important issues of the country, Dr Rouhani said: "Health has priority over treatment".

Housing must be a place for quiet of the family members, he continued, adding: "A house is where human beings become calm when they are near it".

Referring to Avicenna's words that healthy body is in healthy soul, and vice-versa, he said: "Let the society be lively; healthy body and soul is not possible without liveliness".

"Constructive integration lays the ground for transfer of experiences and world's medical equipment, as well as making use of certified products," Rouhani continued.

He also said: "In the 11th government, medicine is supplied to people 20% cheaper and medical equipment 40% cheaper than before".

"Some are suffering from political Alzheimer's disease and forget how treatment, the prices of medicine and medical equipment were before," he said.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also criticised the performance of the broadcasting corporation with regard to healthcare system and said: "If meat prices increase for two days, it becomes the top and official news of the television".

Stressing financing the developmental needs of the healthcare system through the private sector, Dr Rouhani said: "Charity NGOs and societies are great national honours".

"The most important part of health is correcting the culture and lifestyle," said Rouhani adding that Islam has a great number of directions on how to live.

He also said: "Expanding insurance by 11 million people and measures taken in the field of health are among the government's greatest source of pride".

Forex reserves must help meet the needs in the rainy day, said Rouhani adding: "During the hardest times of oil revenues, we are bound to deposit 20 per cent of our oil incomes in the National Development Fund".

He said: "One must not kill people's hope to the future of the country and the state by lying. To solve issues, we need to congregate and join hands".

"We believe that to solve people's problems more quickly, we need constructive interaction with the world and obtain capital and technology based on our principles," continued Dr Rouhani.

On the issue of dust in Khuzestan province, he said: "The dust issue and environment, which has created a lot of issue for the selfless people of the area, must be resolved".

Supplying water, food and healthy environment is a priority in citizens' rights, said the President adding: "The government is determined to revive Hour-al-Azim Lagoon. We have poured roughly 4bn cubic metres of water into Hour-al-Azim Lagoon in the past three years".

At the beginning of his speech, Dr Rouhani also condoled the anniversary of H.H. Fatima al-Zahra's (SA) martyrdom and said: "H.H. Fatima al-Zahra's (SA) is the "Much Good" [as stated by the Holy Quran] and the source of all blessings".

news id: 97957

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