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President at the Nationwide Congress of 2017 Election Organisers:

Elections, greatest power against enemies/Promoting dispute, division and disunion among ethnic, language, religion groups the greatest sin/Country's economic growth over 6%/JCPOA a national honour

President Rouhani described elections Iran's greatest power against the enemies and said: "I hope we witness a competitive, glorious election in 2017 that leaves our enemies astonished and our friends around the world hopeful".

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Sat 25 - February 2017 - 10:20

Speaking at the Nationwide Congress of 2017 Election Organisers on Saturday, Dr Rouhani said that all organisers of the elections had to be careful, not letting public facilities be used in favour of any faction or individual, because it is prohibited in Islam.

A great job was done in 2016 election, said Rouhani adding: "Indeed, the great Iranian nation is praiseworthy and when they make a decision about something, they will definitely do it".

He continued: "We must encourage people to work more and contribute to the country's prosperity by voting".

Addressing organisers of the elections, he said: "Be careful not to let public facilities be used in favour of any faction or individual, because it is prohibited in Islam".

"Anybody has the right to spend their personal properties for their campaign but the public money must not be used," he continued, adding: "If somebody wants to use the public money and property in elections, we must should and stand firm".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: "We must not let elections become polarised because polarised elections bring trouble for our country".

The reason that our country has stood strongly against all problems, said Rouhani, "is the elections". He continued: "Elections give people hope anew and the entire elections process is a gift from God that must be safeguarded".

"Everybody must go to the ballot box and know that their presence is very significant for the destiny and greatness of Iran," he continued.

Referring to the Supreme Leader's emphasis that the elections are people's rights as emphasised in Islam, he said: "People's votes are their rights and everybody must take care of it and abide by the results obtained from the ballot box".

Dr Rouhani also said: "I hope we witness a competitive, glorious election in 2017 that is astonishing to all enemies and promising for all our friends around the world".

He also went on to appreciate the armed forces' efforts in guarantee security of the country and said: "The main base for any move is the important issue of security".

"Of course, one needs to pay attention to the fact that the base for security is unity, integrity and social asset. Social asset is the greatest asset and when integrity and unity wanes, disagreement, resentment, and division arise".

Those sowing resentment with their words and pens, are committing a great sin, said Rouhani adding: "Promoting dispute, division and disunion among groups with different ethnicities, language and religion is the greatest sin".

"Some question public trust in their efforts to criticise the government and this is treason against the country and the state," continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Healthy competition is very good; one cannot live without competition, he stressed, adding: "We must exercise kindness and friendship to be able to have a healthy competition alongside each other".

Referring to the guidelines of Resistive Economy set by the Supreme Leader, he continued: "Today, Resistive Economic is a must; the enemy uses economic pressures during sanctions".

He said: "The government has fulfilled its promises to people. We had promised a 5-percent growth rate but currently, our country's economic growth is over 6 per cent and this is very significant".

Iran's fleet of airliners must become more powerful, underscored the President adding: "The art of diplomacy is to untie tangled knots easily; sometimes, one must clench their fist and chant but some believe that they should just clench fists and shout".

Dr Rouhani continued: "We all are brothers and the members of a single family, sitting in the same boat. I call on all authorities to use citizens' rights as the main base for their work, behaviour and interactions with the people".

"The government can promote justice once it first recognises the Opposition; of course, the Opposition, too, must observe the legal frameworks and their responsibilities," Dr Rouhani continued.

He added: "Some think that when we sit round the table with the world, our nuclear progress will definitely be stopped or slowed down but we are proud that after the JCPOA, we have completed IR8 centrifuges and put them to work, which has contributed to our production being increased by 20 times".

"In the field of nuclear technology, we have achieved nuclear commerce and they are buying Iran's enriched materials and giving Iran Yellow Cake. We have also exported the first shipment of heavy water to the U.S and the second one to Russia; and this is what once some believed it was cardinal sin," he continued.

Dr Rouhani added: "Iran is a country that made the same countries that had passed the resolutions against Iran to cancel it with their own hands. Of course, there were some who thought that there was a fireplace they could throw the resolutions in and burn them".

"Before this, Iran was called a country that threatened peace and security but today, this title has turned into a country that can be cooperated with," he continued, adding that the JCPOA is a source of pride for the entire Iran.

Stating that one of everybody's great responsibilities was preserving the environment, Rouhani also said: "The government considers environment a great responsibility".

news id: 97945

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