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President at the meeting of the National Task Force for Addressing Dust and Administrative Council of Khuzestan:

We will fulfil our promises to Khuzestan people/Nobody should sow the seed of despair, fear in society/Karun water not to be transferred for anything except drinking/We will be victorious against problems with empathy, effort

Any region’s problems are the whole Iranian nation’s problems, said President Rouhani adding: “To settle the environmental issues and the dust, we will not become tired and hopeless”.

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Fri 24 - February 2017 - 13:18

Speaking at the meeting of the National Task Force for Addressing Dust and Administrative Council of Khuzestan province on Thursday, Dr Rouhani said: “The enemy’s assault to border areas was followed by the whole Iranian nation’s uprising”.
He also said: “The Sacred Defence won victory through obeying the leader’s orders and empathy among the Iranian nation”.
“A region’s problems are the whole Iranian nation’s problems,” said the President adding: “I thank all those who are trying to solve the problems of Khuzestan province”.
Nobody should sow the seed of despair and fear in society, said the President, adding: “Problems and incidents may happen in the country anyway in any form, but this issue is everybody’s problem and we will become successful in dealing with it”.
The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also continued: “The average healthy days in our country has improved”.
“Anyway, Iran is among the 10 countries in which a great deal of disasters happen but if this year the average number of healthy days has improved, it means that we have progressed one step,” he added.
Stating that supplying Ahwaz water in case of power cut was an essential move, he said: “By executing AMAK programme, the gas burning in the region, polluting the environment was allocated to industry and power plant”.
Acknowledging the efforts made by the Minister of Agricultural Jihad, Dr Rouhani said: “Mr Hojjati is a clean, honest, and devoted member of the cabinet”.
“Self-sufficiency in wheat production and decreasing food import by $5bn is a source of honour for us,” the President added.
He continued: “When the people face a problem, we must take each other’s hands instead of trying to defame them”.
Dr Rouhani also said: “Water and wastewater are among the top priority issues of Khuzestan province”.
Stating that the government would fulfil its promises to Khuzestan people, the President went on to say: “Karun water will not to be transferred for any purpose other than drinking”.
“The issue of dust is a very complicated one and to settle it, a great deal of domestic effort and political discussions must be made,” he continued.

news id: 97924

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