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President at Ahwaz Airport:

Gov’t stands by Khuzestan people/Explaining gov’t measures for addressing dust, its complications

President Rouhani arrived in Ahwaz, the capital city of Khuzestan province on Thursday and told reporters at the airport: “From the first days of this situation in the province and Ahwaz that lead to several other problems such as water, power, and telecommunications cut, the government has planned measures to prevent it from happening again”.

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Thu 23 - February 2017 - 11:59

Referring to visit by a number of ministers and government’s representatives to the province, Dr Rouhani mentioned the meeting of the Disaster Management Headquarters chaired by the First Vice-President, adding: “Today, it was necessary that I travel to the province and assess the measures taken in this regard”.

The people of the province will obtain the report today on the decisions made about dealing with the dust problem, said the President adding: “Today, we are announcing to the people of Ahwaz that based on the report by the energy minister and the predicted conditions, they will no longer have any issues regarding water cut and a lot of effort is underway for settling the power cut issue”.

“With regard to resolving the problem of dust, domestic plans and international consultations are underway,” the President said.

He added: “I announce to the dear people of Ahwaz and Khuzestan that the government stands by you and there is no single moment that the government and the authorities ignore people’s pain and suffering”.

news id: 97908

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