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President at the closing ceremony of the 6th International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada:

Intifada the example of resistance; resistance the example of human conscience/Turning the title of resistance into terrorism a long-time effort to show surrender, conciliation normal

Describing intifada as the example of resistance, and resistance as the example of human conscience, President Rouhani called on Islamic countries, especially neighbours to say “No” to war and fratricide and do whatever they can to settle the issue of Palestine as the main issue of the Islamic World.

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Wed 22 - February 2017 - 20:29

President Rouhani’s full speech is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful

“[They are] those who have been evicted from their homes without right - only because they say, "Our Lord is Allah." And were it not that Allah checks the people, some by means of others, there would have been demolished monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques in which the name of Allah is much mentioned. And Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might” (22:40)

At the outset, I would like to bid welcome to all honourable guests, Speakers of parliament, parliamentary delegations, scholars, dignitaries, leaders of resistance movements and currents, political, cultural and media activists, Palestinian supporting parties and groups, Ambassadors and heads of regional and international bodies resident in Tehran that have participated in this conference.

I would like also to extend my most heartfelt peace and greetings to the lofty soul of the Late Imam Khomeini and souls of all martyrs, those injured and wounded in action as well as all those people who have shown sacrifice and devotion on the path of the Palestinian cause and the Holy al-Quds.

I also want to send my sincerest greetings to the high soul of Imam Khomeini (RA) and the spirits of all martyrs of the resistance and wounded veterans, and all those who have sacrificed themselves on the path of the Palestinian cause and the Holy Quds.


Once again we have gathered together on the issue of Palestine to talk about a deep and excruciating wound which has been pricking the conscience of the global community and has suffered the body of Islam. Palestinian question is not limited to a tribe or nation; on one hand, in fact it indicates the suppression and oppression, violation of international law and incompetence of the international bodies, and on the other hand, it is a symbol of combative and continued efforts of a nation trying to realize their own rights alongside the failure of the global community and disgrace of some Islamic countries.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Since 1948 up to now, some generations have lived with displacement and war; generations that are living as refugees in different parts of the world and they have inherited no heritage except for suffering, displacement, torture and martyrdom. Leaders of the western colonial countries tried seven decades ago to control the future of the Middle East, which was abundant with blessings, wealth, culture and religion, through changing the religious-cultural structures in this region and sewing the seed of violence, atrocity, disgrace and killings in Holy al-Quds and dear Palestine in order to materialize their own aggressive and colonial objectives. The then leaders of the western countries, in a strategic mistake and while blaming others for their own economic and social problems after having two devastating wars, established the al-Quds occupier regime in order to organize the crises coming after the World Wars and the following Cold War at best, through usurping the wealth and blessings of this region by this fake and armed to the teeth regime. But the western-established regime gradually turned to its creators and step by step overcame their religion and values; degraded the international norms and imposed double standard policies and necessity of safeguarding the prevailing circumstances upon them.

Provocative actions taken to continue usurping the lands of a suppressed people and ensuring some targeted efforts to change this region’s historical and civilizational identity brought, in steps, a number of devastating consequences for the global peace and security. Committing such extend of inhuman crimes not only challenged the issue of supporting the usurpers in west, in general, but also it instigated the public opinion in the Islamic territories against this western support. Muslims believe that the only way to fight against occupation, aggression, usurpation, security concerns and killings is to resist and they have continuously tried to enlighten the world on this outright oppression.

We should send peace to the pure souls of all those combatants who put their lives in their hands during the dark and black years of the 1960s and 1970s to carry out the heavy burden of resisting and enlightening the world and gradually turned resistance and individual and collective uprisings into Intifada which pioneered promoting principled changes in this region and retreat of the usurpers.


The most important aim of the Israelis in current circumstances is to show that the status is normal. The Zionists are to convince the world that the Palestinian refugees should live without owning any territories. Turning the title of resistance into terrorism is in fact a long-time effort to show surrender and conciliation normal. In recent literature, the Zionist occupier regime intends to establish normal relations with the World of Islam and it only means forgetting and neglecting all their crimes in Palestine and other Islamic territories. This fake regime has captivated the western leaders in a manner that any confrontation with this regime is in fact considered as an attack against the U.S. and European interests. They have made such propaganda on the illusionary myth of their own democracy as if fighting against it is fighting against democracy. They have interconnected their own security to the western security as if by failure of the Zionism the global security will be threatened. We should not forget that the Zionist has started such a great rhetoric on its military might that it is impossible to be defeated and they are convincing others to believe that they are doomed to live beside them. Disappointing others from changing the future of this region is, inter alia, one of the definite strategies of the Zionists to confront Palestinian people and the World of Islam.

Dear Participants;

Intifada is nothing but continuous and virtuous resistance by the Palestinian people; it is a resistance to survive. Intifada is not an option among others; it is only a noble choice of a nation to remain alive. All other options have been deleted in recent decades as a result of what has happened to this people. Usurping and occupying territories have closed all other ways for Palestinians and this nation has recognized that unity, union and sympathy is the only key to pass the era of rage, atrocity and killings. There were a big number of occupied territories which have been forgotten in the history, but Palestinians resisted saving their own lands. Peace be upon the guardians of the historical memory of Palestine who despite being displaced and evicted from their own mother land have still a memory of their home of sorrow and a brick of their fathers’ house and have thought their own children that one day they should return their homes.

Stones in the hands of Palestinian children and pens in the hands of Palestinian writers, all, are shouting and implying a single reality: the freedom-loving fervour and wishing for a happy life in the homeland; now Palestine has been turned into a symbol for all the oppressed nations who have risen to reclaim their basic rights including their freedom and self-determination. Therefore, Intifada shall be served as the example of resistance, and resistance shall be served as the example of human conscience.

Intifada is in fact the voice of wrath and uprising of the new generation of the Palestinian nation in response to the failures of their previous generations. This is the Palestinian nation who has once again revolted; the generation who opened their eyes in the camps of the displaced and in the besieged cities and villages; the generation who in grief is shouting: “weapons and capitals cannot guarantee tyranny and oppression and they cannot disregard and defeat resistance of a nation”.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Now, the Islamic world and particularly the Middle-East region are in chaos and turmoil. Arrogant and extremist schools of thought are killing people in the name of religion. Unfortunately, certain number of governments within the Islamic countries is grappling with problems caused by their incompetence, inefficiency and structural corruption.  Presently, number of failed governments within our region is rising and the seemingly stabled governments are also suffering from instability and unsteadiness. As the result of conflicts, wars and terror, hundreds of individuals lose their lives in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan on daily basis. Governments within the Islamic countries are exchanging accusations against each other instead of embarking on cooperation for ending the conflicts and indiscriminate killing of Muslims; and under such unfortunate circumstances the only winner would be the occupying Zionist regime.

Today, Zionism views the conflicts and wars between Muslims as a unique historical opportunity and in the light of the same circumstances Zionists are speaking of their new allies; there are trying to change their enemies within the Pro-Palestine Arab and Islamic countries into their allies by propagating the notion of “the resistance-phobia” turning them against the resistance and its main supporter, Iran; the big plot that requires further vigilance and long-term vision of us and Arab countries particularly those who are living in our neighbouring countries.

The Zionist regime, in an effort to stabilize its status, for the first time, is calling some of the Arab countries as its allies against the resistance and not as its enemies claiming that most of the Arab countries are no more considered as its adversaries and against its occupation but they are its allies within its “resistance- phobia” plot. Therefore, all the regional states shall maintain their vigilance and ask themselves to whom the Zionist regime is pinning its hope? And the Muslim world shall make clear its position towards such a Zionist policy indicating that their authorities are whether belong to the Islamic Ummah or are pieces to the puzzle of the Zionist plot for establishment of normal relations with Arab countries? Whether this bitter reality namely concurrent occurrence of “the resistance-phobia” and “Zionistphile” shall not create uncertainty concerning the policies adopted by certain regional countries? Whether the time is not ripe for our neighbours, once and for all, say “No” to war and fratricide?  Whether the time is not ripe that all will focus their power for settlement of the main problem of the Islamic world?

Yesterday we listened to the wise words expressed by the Great Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran accentuating His Eminence’s concern vis-a-vis the establishment of unity and integration in the Islamic world, irrespective all the national and ethnic diversities, in support of the legitimate resistance of the Palestinian nation. His Eminence emphasized the role that can be played by Ulamas and Muslim thinkers in favour of settlement of the imposed differences among Muslims. We hope that His Eminence’s words will open a new horizon in this respect.

Dear and honourable participants,


The Palestinian resistance has succeeded in winning the support of a large part of the public opinion in its favour. Now, peace-lovers from different parts of the world are speaking in support of this movement defending the rights of Palestinians to a respectful life and self-determination. The Muslim world is thankful to all large number of non-Muslim individuals who consider Palestinian life and resistance as their own.   

Isolation of the Zionist regime in the wake of resolutions adopted by the UN General Assembly and even lately, the UN Security Council and UNSECO shows that in addition to the Palestinian legitimate resistance within the occupied territories, other new political and cultural areas are available in favour of the Palestinian quest. We thank all those who have been emphasizing for maintaining the Islamic nature of the Holy al-Quds and we appreciate all the governments who stood against restrictions exercised for the Muslims in doing their rituals in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and those who took effective steps in defending the inalienable rights of the Palestinians within international forums and organizations.

Now, resistance of every Palestinian is no more limited to a piece of stone and the strength of Palestinians can be relayed through the social media in order to bring the oppression and resistance of the Palestinians to every corner of the world.

Now the world has embarked on another intifada through the social media with its vast range of operation; the Intifada that has been joined by all peace-lovers of the world in defending Palestine and its resistance.

Within the same context, we believe that establishment of just and broad-based peace within the Middle-East shall only pass through end of occupation of the Palestinian territories, and restoration of all rights of the Palestinians including their right to self-determination, return of all displaced Palestinians to their homeland and establishment of the Palestinian state with Holy al-Quds as its capital by holding a referendum to be attended by all people from all sects and its original settlers including, Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Honourable Participants,

All unsparing efforts made by the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in support of the Palestinian cause and the and legitimate struggles of Palestinians have taken place based on our school of thought in favour of the need to have a justice-based approach within the international community and our duty in assisting the oppressed peoples and nations. And it is within the same framework that we will continue our support for the resistance.

In conclusion, I wish to honour and pray for the noble souls of all martyrs of the resistance and the Islamic Ummah.

Vasalamo Aleykum Va Rahmatollah Va Barakato  

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