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President before leaving for Oman and Kuwait:

Iran's foreign policy based on good relations with neighbours, keeping Persian Gulf secure/Iranophobia, Shiaphobia, Sunniphobia, Neighbourphobia all fake/Misunderstandings can be resolved through negotiation

"The foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is based on having good relations with neighbouring countries and maintaining security in the Persian Gulf," said President Rouhani before leaving for Oman and Kuwait.

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Wed 15 - February 2017 - 08:47

Dr Rouhani was seen off by the First Vice-President Dr Jahangiri and the Supreme Leader's Advisor for International Affairs Dr Velayati early on Wednesday.

The official visit by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Oman and Kuwait is aimed at developing ties in public and private sectors, as well as discussing regional issues.

President Rouhani is accompanied by a number of his advisors and representatives of the private sector.

Dr Rouhani is set to leave Muscat and make an official visit to Kuwait later today.

Before leaving for Oman, President Rouhani told reporters: "The Islamic Republic of Iran seeks to deepen ties with the countries of the region and its neighbours, as well as to bolster stability, security and development in the whole region".

Referring to the message of the six countries of the Persian Gulf emphasising their resolve to develop ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran and also settling misunderstandings through dialogue, he said: "We welcome the essence of message and we will have meetings and discussions about fostering cooperation during the visit".

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has never sought invading and intervening in domestic issues of any country, not it has tried to impose its religious and political views on others," said Rouhani adding that Iran was seeking cooperation with Islamic and neighbouring countries.

He continued: "The security of the region should be protected by the countries of the region; foreign presence is not only effective, but also detrimental. The countries of the region are mature enough to do this".

Describing discord and division in the region fake, promoted by world powers, he said: "Sunni and Shia have had peaceful coexistence for centuries and Iranophobia, Shiaphobia, Sunniphobia, and Neighbourphobia are all fake, made by outsiders; misunderstandings will definitely be resolved through negotiation".

"There are very good potentials for developing bilateral ties between Iran and these countries," said Rouhani referring to amicable relations between Iran and Kuwait and Oman.

On volatile turbulent situation of Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, he said: "During this visit, we will discuss putting an end to bloodshed in these countries".

news id: 97739

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