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President speaking to reporters during demonstrations:

People attending in millions indicator of Iran’s national authority/People coming in millions a response to incorrect words by new White House leaders/Iranian people must be talked to with respect

President Rouhani spoke with reporters during the demonstrations marking the 38th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution’s victory and said: “People attending in millions indicates our country’s national authority”.

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Fri 10 - February 2017 - 11:41

President Rouhani joined demonstrators celebrating the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution’s victory on Friday and said: “Iranian people must be talked to with respect”.
Appreciating people for taking part in the ceremony, he added: “People showed the world once again that the revolution is alive, progressing towards its lofty goals”.
“People took to the streets to announce the world that the Islamic Revolution and the path of Imam [Khomeini]’s and the Supreme Leader are not alone,” Dr Rouhani continued.
Referring to this year’s demonstrations’ message, he said: “This presence and attendance is a response to the incorrect words by the new leaders of the White House and the people take to the street to tell the world that the Iranian nation should be talked to with respect, abandoning the language of bully and threat”.
“The Iranian nation have stated that whoever talks with this nation with the language of threat, they will make them regret that,” the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran continued.
He added: “The path of the Iranian nation is very clear and without a doubt, those who threat us will regret the path they have chosen”.
Dr Rouhani continued: “The Islamic revolution is alive and will continue along the path of its perfection and excellence”.

news id: 97631

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