Tehran ready to develop ties with Brasilia in all fields/Stressing facilitating banking relations, private sector cooperation

The Islamic Republic of Iran considers no obstacle in developing ties with Brazil, said President Rouhani while receiving letter of credence of the new Ambassador of Brazil to Tehran.

Sun 05 - February 2017 - 14:31

At the meeting that took place on Sunday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani continued: "Tehran is ready to develop its ties with Brasilia in all fields of mutual interest".

He also said: "Iran attaches great weight to developing ties and cooperation with Brazil, as a great country with considerably powerful economy in South America, and is willing to develop ties with it".

He also said: "Tehran-Brasilia ties has developed considerably in the recent years and this process should be accelerated using ample opportunities at hand".

Stressing developing and facilitating banking relations between the two countries, he said: "Iran welcomes developing ties in fields of energy, transportation and technology and will review issues related to tariffs and free trade with South America that can further facilitate trade cooperation".

On the need to encourage private sectors, he said: "I hope we witness a significant momentum in the two countries' ties, especially in economic fields"

At the meeting, the new Ambassador of Brazil to Tehran, Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos also presented his credentials to President Rouhani and said: "Iran-Brazil ties has always been friendly and growing and we are determined to develop ties with Iran in all fields, especially in industry, energy, transportation, science, technology, culture and agriculture".

"The government of Brazil considers Iran a trustable and long-term partner and is seeking to develop strategic economic relations with Tehran," he added.

On the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) he said: "We believe that the JCPOA was the victory of diplomacy over non-peaceful options and it has turned into a model for settling global issues".

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